Incarnate’s Wehrmann is accomplished yet humble

Ellie Wehrmann of Incarnate Word Academy blazed across the pool at the Missouri Class 1 state Girls Swimming and Diving Championships in February at the St. Peters Rec-Plex in St. Peters. Wehrmann, who won two events, inspires her teammates at the Catholic high school.

If she wanted to show off, Ellie Wehrmann could walk around with some of her hard-fought-for medals around her neck.

But that's not the style of the ever-smiling Incarnate Word Academy sophomore. She barely mentions the hard work it's taken to become one of the elite swimmers in the state. Wehrmann won the 200 freestyle and 100 freestyle meets at Class 2 Missouri State High School Girls Swimming Championship last month at the St. Peters Rec-Plex.

TWENTY SOMETHING | History and humility: an old man’s plea to young adults

The old man with the typewriter would like to say to certain people among us: Don't be a blockhead.

David McCullough's bestselling new book, "The American Spirit," takes up a cause he has long championed, lends it added urgency and aims it squarely at young adults.

"We are raising a generation of young Americans who are by and large historically illiterate," McCullough writes.

CATHOLIC BY GRACE | Humility is the key to true forgiveness

Denise Bossert

Never underestimate the Holy Spirit in revealing those things that one needs to jettison. Recently, the Holy Spirit sat me down and had a come-to-Jesus chat with me.

I was replaying someone's offense over and over in my mind. Every time I remembered the offense, I would feel the betrayal anew, which led to another act of forgiveness. My memory was hijacking me.

I needed some help from the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A little wisdom. Some understanding. A helping of right judgment.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Humility allows us to let Jesus help

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

Humility is a hunger for holiness. The word humble comes from the Latin word, "humus," which means "earth." The earth receives the rain and seed-bearing plants. As these seed-bearing plants take root, they spring up and beautify the earth with lush green grass, beautiful flowers, vines, trees, shrubs and the fruits that go with them.

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