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POPE’S MESSAGE | At audience, pope leads prayers for migrants, trafficking victims

Pope Francis held a booklet with an image of Sudanese St. Josephine Bakhita Feb. 8 at his general audience in Paul VI hall. Marking the feast of St. Bakhita, a former slave, the pope urged Christians to help trafficking victims and migrants.

VATICAN CITY — Marking the feast of St. Josephine Bakhita, a former slave, Pope Francis urged Christians to help victims of human trafficking and migrants, especially the Rohingya people being chased from Myanmar.

For the Catholic Church, St. Bakhita's feast day, Feb. 8, is a day of prayer for victims of trafficking.

Pope Francis asked government officials around the world to "decisively combat this plague" of human trafficking, paying particular attention to trafficking in children. "Every effort must be made to eradicate this shameful and intolerable crime."

Forum in Imperial spells out realities of human sex trafficking

A young woman stopped in a convenience store in west St. Louis County. As she was making her purchase, a man entered and acted frantic about having a problem with his car. He asked the young woman if she could help; at first thought, she considered helping. But a conversation she had a few days prior on the subject of sex trafficking made her stop and think twice. She asked the male clerk if he would be willing to assist the man.

114th Congress makes combating human trafficking top priority

WASHINGTON -- At a House leadership news conference Jan. 27, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California announced a list of bills to combat human trafficking that he expected would pass the House of Representatives by week's end.

"Human trafficking affects so many of the vulnerable throughout the world," said McCarthy, so "we have 12 bills, bipartisan, Republicans and Democrats, to protect the most vulnerable out there."

He said in the week ahead, the House would be "strong on legislation."

Pope, religious leaders pledge to work together to end slavery by 2020

VATICAN CITY -- As Pope Francis and leaders of other churches and religions signed a declaration pledging to work together to help end modern slavery in the world by 2020, he urged governments, businesses and all people of good will to join forces against this "crime against humanity."

Tens of millions of people are "in chains" because of human trafficking and forced labor, and it is leading to their "dehumanization and humiliation," the pope said at the ceremony Dec. 2, the U.N. Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

Brazil's religious lead trafficking awareness campaign during World Cup

SAO PAULO -- Days from the start of the World Cup in Brazil, an interreligious campaign is bringing awareness to sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Called "Play in Favor of Life -- Report Human Trafficking," the campaign was developed by the Conference of Religious of Brazil.

"The campaign is about preventing the impacts of (sexual exploitation) before, during and after the World Cup," said Sister Manuela Rodriguez, a member of the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer and one of the campaign coordinators in Sao Paulo.

Pope praises police-church network to stop trafficking, meets victims

VATICAN CITY -- Meeting four victims of human trafficking, dozens of religious sisters and senior police chiefs from 20 countries, Pope Francis praised their coordinated efforts to fight against a "crime against humanity."

"Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ," he said.

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