Editorial | Homelessness is news

In 2013, Pope Francis suggested that when homeless people die of cold on the streets, it isn't considered newsworthy. In contrast, a 10-point drop on the stock markets is considered a tragedy.

He's on target with his remarks, aimed not at the news media but society in general. We often throw up our hands in frustration because housing homeless people is such a difficult task. Or we just write it off, blaming the homeless person for his or her fate.

In Plain Sight


Josh has called the underbelly of a highway overpass his home on and off for the past four years.

Photos he took recently show what life looks like underneath the overpass. Sleeping bags, a few chairs and some tents provide refuge from the elements. His favorite photos include his "family" — homeless friends who share the space with him in St. Charles County

Apartment is just what was needed for St. Patrick Center client

Bryan Pseno’s sparse apartment is a relief from homeless shelters. Pseno secured the apartment through St. Patrick Center’s Housing First approach to rapidly provide permanent housing homeless people. Pseno now volunteers at St. Patrick Center while the agency also assists him with finding employment.

It's a slightly worn, sparsely furnished apartment in south St. Louis, but Bryan Pseno doesn't mind.

It's a long way from sleeping in a homeless shelter.

Pseno came to St. Louis from Chicago with a trailer full of furniture. He lived with his mom and left when she died, deciding to move on with his life and get away from negative influences. With an inheritance, he figured he'd stay at a motel until he got a job. He was unable to get employment, however, and lost his belongings in a storage unit when he couldn't pay the rent.

Targeted cash assistance can help people avoid homelessness, study finds

A social worker move boxes of tomatoes during a food Sept. 14 distribution at a low-income housing facility for seniors in Calexico, Calif. Small sums of financial assistance can help stabilize housing for low-income people and stave off homelessness and its slew of related social problems, a University of Notre Dame study discovered.

WASHINGTON — Small sums of financial assistance can help stabilize housing for low-income people and stave off homelessness and its slew of related social problems, a University of Notre Dame study concluded.

Targeted emergency financial assistance of a few hundred dollars for rent, security deposits, utility payments or another cash emergency, may prevent some instances of homelessness and thus save taxpayers $20,000 or more each time homelessness is prevented, according to the study published in the August issue of Science magazine.

Homeless services effort take fresh approach

Biddle Housing Opportunities Center clients Lloyd Davis, left, and Andrew Turner are among the first clients of the new facility, which opened Aug. 8. in Downtown St. Louis. Davis said he appreciates that St. Patrick Center and Peter & Paul Community Services are partners in the operation.

Paul May and Virgil Akins are on board with the aim of the Biddle Housing Opportunities Center that opened in St. Louis Aug. 8.

The men are homeless and came to the center to get help and to stay off the streets. Biddle is a new initiative that offers a comprehensive pathway to housing and support services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. It is a partnership among St. Patrick Center, Peter & Paul Community Services, the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Continuum of Care board.

Hackathon aims to solve St. Patrick Center’s data challenges, make services easier to get

One of St. Patrick Center's wish-list items may soon be fulfilled, with the job of tracking the needs of homeless people becoming easier.

GlobalHack, a nonprofit organization focused on building a better tech community through software competitions, recently announced a partnership with St. Patrick Center, which provides housing, employment and health programs to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

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