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A Green Machine | With the school leading the way, Holy Redeemer Parish aims for zero waste

Photos by Teak Phillips | teakphillips@archstl.org| @TeakPhillips

Jamie Hasemeier stomped on compostables at the Holy Redeemer Parish fish fry March 24 in Webster Groves. The yellow bins are for food scraps and compostables, which are taken to a local commercial facility to convert into compost for yards and gardens. Sarah Andres helped steady the bin for Hasemeier, while Hasemeier’s daughter Clara, left, watched.

During World War II, the illustration "Rosie the Riveter" depicted a determined woman filling a man's dirty, factory job to help American troops fight the Axis powers.

Fast-forward about 75 years and you'll find a just-as-determined woman working in another dirty job to help her parish community fight a pressing issue of the day.

So it was that Jamie Hasemeier — dressed similarly to Rosie in a green bandana, a denim shirt, an apron and gloves on a late March day — unglamorously was sifting through garbage at Holy Redeemer Parish's fish fry.

Yes, garbage.

Seeing 'the eyes of Christ' at medical mission in Haiti

Children at a Catholic school in St. Jean du Sud, Haiti, tended to their lessons last fall when a medical mission from Holy Redeemer Parish came to assist with health needs of people in the community. The school is supported by members of the Webster Groves parish.

When the young woman arrived at the medical mission in Haiti, she had a stump at the end of one arm with five tiny fingers. She was hoping for a hand prosthesis. She was asked what she most wanted to do after she received the prosthesis and answered plainly; she wanted to ride a motorcycle, a primary mode of transportation on the island. Another woman seeking an artificial hand just wanted to carry a bucket of water.

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