TWENTY SOMETHING | Evangelization by hitchhiking

The Little Poor Friars and Poor Nuns of Jesus and Mary, a new religious community with a long name, dress and live like St. Francis of Assisi: in poverty, entirely dependent on God's providence. They were founded in 1999 by a 25-year-old Sicilian and approved by the Catholic Church in 2014.

Oregon priests' trip becomes journey to human hearts

Father Ignacio Llorente, pastor of St. Patrick Church in Portland, Ore., and Father Lucas Laborde, a former campus minister and former pastor at St. Patrick’s, posed for a photo at the Grand Canyon in Arizona in late July. The two men were among four priests who traveled to the Grand Canyon and were inspired by the warmth of the people they encountered after their car broke down.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Four young priests serving in Oregon set out this summer for an adventure. It turned out to be an exploit, for sure, but not the one they expected.

The men left Portland by car in mid-summer, their backpacks and themselves jammed into the vehicle, pretty much like any group of 20- and 30-somethings on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, 1,200 miles away. Their Roman collars were neatly stowed away with their gear.

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