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Missionary efforts in Bolivia a source of pride for St. Louisans

Father Robert Menner baptized a parishioner in Bolivia. A collection in parishes Aug. 6 and 7 is essential for the work of the St. Louis missionaries.

A broad smile is evident when the St. Louis priest overseeing the archdiocese’s missionary efforts in Bolivia discusses success stories there.

Msgr. Francis X. Blood, director of the Latin America Apostolate, noted that in all three areas of Bolivia where the St. Louis missionary priests serve — the Archdiocese of La Paz, the Apostolic Prelature of Corocoro on the high plateau and the Vicariate of the Pando in the rain forest —:native priests were ordained in 2010 and 2011.

American Catholics urged to welcome immigrants

WASHINGTON -- With the bulk of U.S. population growth coming among Hispanics, the Catholic Church must get out ahead in welcoming Latino newcomers or they will become involved in other institutions and activities instead, cautioned panelists at a conference on immigration and the Church.

Faith and Culture | From virtual to virtuous friendship in Christ  

Javier Orozco

For many of us who remember pay phones, learning to use the Internet and social networking will require time and patience. The challenge of having to borrow a nickel or dime from a stranger has transitioned into finding a wi-fi hot spot that will connect us to a virtual global community with a simple click.

Las Posadas: A Christmas journey with the Holy Family

Antonio Santiago held the traveling statue of Joseph and Mary with the donkey as parishioners of Sacred Heart in Troy sang a song outside of a home on the fourth night of Las Posadas last weekend. Las Posadas is a Hispanic tradition in which the journey of the Holy Family to Bethlehem is re-enacted, typically over nine days and can include prayer, song, food and fellowship as friends travel from home to home, asking for entry, just as Mary and Joseph did on their journey.

On the eve of Christmas, the faithful anxiously wait during those final moments before the Son of God is presented to the world, the Chosen One and bearer of our salvation.

In a quiet, yet profound way, the Holy Family — Mary, her husband Joseph and the infant Jesus — makes its humble debut in a small niche of a manger in the town of Bethlehem.

In a similar fashion, here in the archdiocese, a small community of Catholics has been quietly reliving those final moments before the birth of Christ with a special gathering rooted in a Hispanic tradition.

Humildes comienzos conducen al Ministerio Hispano

Javier Orozco

Al igual que tantos inmigrantes Hispanos, la familia de Javier Orozco llegó a los Estados Unidos en busca de una mejor forma de vida.

Su padre llego de México a la ciudad de Chicago a mediados de la década de 1960 con varios de sus hermanos mayores, mientras que su madre se quedó atrás con el resto de la familia en La Purísima, un pequeño pueblo en el estado Mexicano de Durango.

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