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Larger quarters for SLU clinic

For 20 years, St. Augustine Parish in north St. Louis was the home of a health clinic operated by medical students from St. Louis University.

The clinic had exam areas, a small lab and a waiting room in the basement of a building on the parish grounds. Growth — from about 300 patients to about 1,000 a year — and a vision of increasing services led to a search for a new location. Staying in the nearby community was a priority.

Medical students run health clinic in the Jesuit tradition

Patient Ashley Meriwether, left, had a vision exam by Liesl Chi, a second-year medical student at St. Louis University, last month at St. Louis University’s Health Resource Center, 1408 N. Kingshighway Blvd. The center provides health care to an underserved and uninsured population.

The young man wearing khakis, a dress shirt and a white medical coat stepped into the waiting room and called out a patient's name.

He greeted the middle-aged woman politely, looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Hi. My name is Andrew. I'm a first-year medical student, and I'll be working with you. To start off, we're going to get your weight and height. Let's go to this first door, right over here."

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