gregorian chant

Popularity of Gregorian chant has flourished in recent years

Elizabeth Black, assistant director of music at St. John the Beloved Church in McLean, Va., directs choir members as they sing Gregorian chant during Mass Oct. 8. Gregorian chant is the singing of the liturgy and its texts are almost entirely scriptural.

WASHINGTON (CNS) — James Senson grew up in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area in the 1980s and his exposure to music in his home parish sounded remarkably similar to the tunes played on popular radio stations in the region.

"You know, there was nothing really special about the music, nor did it really say something about the church to me in it," said Senson, a Filippino-American who's had a passion for music since he was a child.

Senson had drifted away from religion by the time he was a college-age adult, but his love of music flourished.

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