BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Mortarboards and tongues of fire

Kurt Nelson

Last weekend the Church celebrated Pentecost. This feast commemorates the occasion of the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles in the form of tongues of fire — therefore red is the liturgical color for the day. So you can imagine that the seniors participating in Bishop DuBourg High School's Baccalaureate Mass on this year's Feast of Pentecost were an impressive sight at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in their red and white graduation robes.

Editorial | At graduation, are you ready to go forth and spread the Gospel?

The caps and gowns have been sized. The announcements are in the mail, and the parties are being planned. The anticipation of graduation is around us. Seeing the excitement of young people as they prepare to embark on a new career or a new pathway of learning stirs up feelings of pride and joy, especially from parents and relatives.

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