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The Good Steward | You're invited to an online conversation on stewardship

I started writing about stewardship in 1988 when I went to work for the Archdiocese of Louisville. I was invited to write a weekly column called The Good Steward. I'm still writing The Good Steward 23 years later — now in The St. Louis Review and in a monthly e-newsletter.

The Good Steward | Prayer responds to our desire for God

In a recent audience celebrated in St. Peter's Square, Pope Benedict XVI said that our age is "marked by ... an apparent eclipse of God" but that, at the same time, there are "signs of a renewed religious sense."

Looking at recent history, the pope said, "predictions of those who, from the age of Enlightenment, foretold the disappearance of religions and exalted absolute reason, separated from faith, have failed."

The Good Steward | Symbols connecting us with experience of Easter

An essay written by Pope Benedict XVI in the early 1980s, titled "The Lamb Redeemed the Sheep: Reflections of the Symbolism of Easter," should be required reading for all Christians on Good Friday. As the title suggests, the pope offers insights into the major symbols of Easter: light, water, the Alleluia and, above all, the Lamb who was slain for us on the Cross.

Archdiocese awards $793,950 in viability grants 

The Archdiocese of St. Louis recently awarded $793,950 in grants to 37 parishes through its Ensuring Parish Viability Program.

The grants help parishes seeking to stabilize membership as well as parishes coping with rapidly growing congregations.

Due to the success of the 2009 and 2010 Annual Catholic Appeal, $480,950 was provided to the Ensuring Parish Viability grant process to boost the amount of funds available for the grants.

The Good Steward | World needs a united Christian witness

Last month, during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Pope Benedict XVI outlined what he called the four characteristics that made the early Church community in Jerusalem "a place of unity and love." The Holy Father suggested that these four characteristics, which are drawn from the Acts of the Apostles, provide us with a framework for restoring unity among Christians and for attracting those who do not yet share our faith.

Weathering the storms to advance Catholic schools

Research in "Weathering the Storm: Moving Catholic Schools Forward" demonstrates that there is incontrovertible evidence that Catholic schools are the answer to a host of important questions facing our Church and our society. No informed person seriously questions the value of Catholic schools. What is questioned is their cost and viability — especially in urban areas.

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