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The Good Steward | Revitalizing Catholic Schools requires 'actionable solutions'

The O'Meara Ferguson Center for Catholic Stewardship at Marian University in Indianapolis hosted a symposium Feb. 8-10 in San Antonio on the topic, "Determining Actionable Solutions for Catholic Education." At this symposium, participants discussed how integrating finance, development, planning and operations can help revitalize Catholic schools.

The phrase "actionable solutions" reflects a growing awareness that it is no longer helpful simply to identify what the challenges are. Solutions must be found -- and implemented!

The Good Steward | An unequal exchange -- the gift of God's love

During the Advent and Christmas seasons, we give and receive many gifts. Advent is a time of preparation, a time of joyful hope and confident expectation. Hope is a gift -- an especially precious gift during times of uncertainty and despair. Joy is also a gift. It gladdens our weary hearts and allows us to let go of life's many burdens, if only for a moment.

Gratitude is the soul of stewardship

Bishop Robert Morneau, auxiliary bishop of Green Bay, Wis., is the pastor of one of his diocese's largest parishes, a Packers fan (some might say fanatic) and an inspiring poet and preacher. He shares these gifts with warm humor and keen insight whenever he speaks about stewardship at conferences.

A future without God is a future without hope

Where God is, there lies the future. What this means is that we must restore God to our horizon, the God who is so often absent but of whom we have such great need (Pope Benedict XVI).

The Good Steward | Sunday Mass attendance is essential for Catholic life

Some estimates suggest that a majority of those who identify themselves as Catholic (54 to 77 percent) do not attend Sunday Mass each week. How is it possible to call yourself a Catholic but ignore the most fundamental expression of what it means to be a Catholic — the obligation to attend Sunday Mass?

The Good Steward | The debt crisis: Another nice mess, indeed

The comedian Oliver Hardy was known to wrinkle his nose, purse his lips and proclaim to his partner, Stan Laurel, "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!"

If Laurel and Hardy were with us today, they might offer similar observations about the current debt crisis.

Unfortunately the current crisis is no laughing matter. Too much is at stake.

While our elected officials play politics, people are suffering; jobs are not being created; genuine health care reform eludes us. Real leadership -- of a bipartisan nature -- is nowhere to be found. A nice mess, indeed.

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