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THE GOOD STEWARD | Saints for our time

Dan Conway

Catholics in the Archdiocese of St. Louis joined their sisters and brothers throughout the world in welcoming the news that two recent popes, Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II, soon will be canonized. Some of us remember both men, but all of us, regardless of our ages, are living in times that have been influenced by their witness to the Gospel and their sensitivity to the challenges of living our faith in turbulent times.

The Good Steward | Marriage is a gift from God for life

If we needed further proof that marriage, which we believe is a gift from God and the most basic, foundational principle of human society, is being undermined by the forces of modern culture, two June 26 Supreme Court decisions confirm this.

THE GOOD STEWARD | Ordinary Time is a season of grace

Dan Conway

Time is a gift of God. Time is integral to God's creation. What God made and determined to be good includes the movement of history. Time had a beginning -- eons ago -- and it will have an end when the Lord returns on the Last Day.

THE GOOD STEWARD | Local priest is inspiration for new novel

I have been writing articles for Catholic newspapers for nearly 25 years. I've also written several books about stewardship. Earlier this year, I published my first novel, "Father Turiddu: Savior of the City," inspired by the life and ministry of an 82-year-old priest in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Msgr. Sal Polizzi.

The Good Steward | Easter season is witness of hope and joy

Easter is the season of hope and joy.

We have hope because sin and death have been overcome -- once and for all. The darkness of despair has been vanquished, and light has come into our weary world, never to be permanently extinguished. Yes, there may be dark days and troubled times ahead -- for us as individuals and for the human family. But we Christians believe that the hope made possible by Christ's Resurrection will remain vibrant and unshakable until He comes again on the Last Day.

The Good Steward | Saying farewell, thanks to Pope Benedict XVI

I first encountered Joseph Ratzinger in 1974 when I was a graduate student at St. Meinrad School of Theology in southern Indiana. I was preparing to write my master's thesis in systematic theology, and I was reading some really "heavy" theologians. When I first began reading "Introduction to Christianity," I discovered that then-Father Ratzinger was an exception. He was not only profound and insightful; his book was well written (even in translation from the original German) and inspirational, and his teaching was clear as crystal.

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