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THE GOOD STEWARD | Catholic newspapers play an important role in diocesan communications

Dan Conway

The Catholic press isn't immune to the diseases that infect the secular newspaper business. A decline in readership with the resulting fall off in advertising and subscription revenues challenges newspapers and journals everywhere. Diocesan publications are no exception.

THE GOOD STEWARD | The Gospel of Jesus Christ is pro-culture

Dan Conway

We sometimes hear it said that the Gospel is countercultural. That's not exactly correct.

THE GOOD STEWARD | Stewards of freedom, servants of God

Dan Conway

Something especially powerful is expressed in the famous saying of St. Thomas More, "I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first." Most of us know the story of St. Thomas' martyrdom. He was executed because he opposed King Henry VIII's decision to divorce his wife and, in the process, declare himself head of the Church in England. Thomas More opposed this double divorce, and paid dearly for it.

THE GOOD STEWARD | The pope speaks to the city and the world

Dan Conway

It is traditional on Easter Sunday for the pope to deliver a brief address, the "urbi et orbi" ("to the city and the world"). The city is, of course, Rome, "the heart of Christianity," and the world is the entire global village with all its religious, cultural, political, racial and economic diversity. While popes always have addressed themselves to the whole world, Pope Francis recognizes that his audience is "linked by modern technology" now more than ever.

THE GOOD STEWARD | Lent challenges us to experience the joy of God's love and forgiveness

Dan Conway

In his first year as Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis repeatedly stressed the boundless mercy of God. None of us is perfect, including the pope who says simply, "I am a sinner."

We Christians are not perfect, by a long shot, but we are forgiven. That's a reason to rejoice and be glad -- especially as we prepare for the great feast of Easter.

THE GOOD STEWARD | Reflections on the consistory I did not attend

Daniel Conway

I was all packed and ready to go. I arrived at the airport two hours ahead of time and presented my passport to the agent at the Delta counter. I was booked on a flight to Rome for a few days' "R & R" and to attend the consistory where Pope Francis would create 19 new cardinals.

"I'm afraid we have a problem," the ticket agent said. "Your passport expires April 13."

"But that's 7 weeks from now," I answered. "I'll be back long before then."

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