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Dutch cardinal says papal encyclical on gender theory might be needed

Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, is seen in Cornwall, Ontario, Sept. 26. The Dutch cardinal spoke to Canadian bishops about the “slippery slope” of euthanasia.

OXFORD, England (CNS) — The spread of gender theory is misleading so many Catholics that a high-level document may be required to correct the errors of the ideology, a Dutch cardinal said.

Cardinal Willem Eijk of Utrecht, Netherlands, said a papal encyclical or other magisterial document "might appear to be necessary" to counter the spread of the new theory that gender can be determined by personal choice rather than by biology.

He said even Catholic parents were beginning to accept that their own children can choose their genders partly because "they don't hear anything else."

POPE'S MESSAGE | War of the sexes: Gender theory is the problem, not solution

Pope Francis greeted a family April 15 before his general audience in St. Peter’s Square.

VATICAN CITY -- Eradicating male and female identities does nothing to solve the problem of unfair or disrespectful treatment based on people's gender, Pope Francis said.

"Getting rid of the difference is the problem, not the solution," he said at his general audience April 15 in St. Peter's Square.

The right way to solve the problems and conflicts in male-female relations is to have men and women "talk to each other more, listen to each other more, know each other better, care more for each other," he said.

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