St. Roch School students join Green St. Louis Machine for healthy eating

Mallory Minana, center, a seventh-grader at St. Roch School, joined teacher Pete Shaver and classmates to harvest vegetables for a salad. St. Roch joined the Green St. Louis Machine program, which is an aeroponic gardening program organized by the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club.

On a recent weeknight at Mathews-Dickey Boys' and Girls' Club, several tables were lined with a host of colorful and delectable foods and beverages — Caesar salad, pesto pizza, Thai chicken lettuce wraps, basil lemonade and kale cheesecake.

These delights were part of a Spring Harvest and literally the fruits — well, veggies, to be more exact — of the labors of students participating in the Green St. Louis Machine, an area program that brings aeroponic gardening into the urban classroom.

St. Anthony Food Pantry plants seeds to help clients succeed


Angie Mueller, a volunteer from Christ Prince of Peace Parish, handed Tony Robertson a tomato plant with an instruction sheet, two strips of cloth to tie up the plant and a bag of fertilizer.

Robertson didn't need the instructions because St. Anthony Food Pantry staff taught him container gardening last year. "It worked out real good," Robertson said. "I got a bunch of tomatoes" -- so many that he gave some to his sister and mother.

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