'A prophetic mission toward justice'

Marie Kenyon, director of the Peace and Justice Commission for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, spoke with Father Art Cavitt, director of the St. Charles Lwanga Center and pastor of St. Nicholas Parish Downtown, and Amy Hunter, director of racial justice at YWCA Metro St. Louis.

Marie Kenyon has hit the ground running in her new role as director of the archdiocesan Peace and Justice Commission.

She officially started her duties on Feb. 16, but unofficially began working in the role and gathering information not long after Archbishop Robert J. Carlson named her to the position Jan. 6.

While also clearing up her case load from the Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry, she's devoted numerous nights and weekends to attending events dealing with the systemic racism to which Archbishop Carlson referred in establishing the commission in August.

'Sacrifices and service' | Howard University students spend alternative spring break doing service here

Howard University students Maiyah Mayhan and Savannah Thomas sang along with the choir of St. Augustine Church in north St. Louis. The students spent an alternative spring break volunteering for service projects in the St. Louis community — specifically in north St. Louis and north St. Louis County. The Archdiocese of St. Louis, St. Charles Lwanga Center and St. Augustine Parish were among the group’s hosts.

College spring breaks conjure images of beaches, bars and booze ... with brutal hangovers in the mornings.

But a group of Howard University students skipped those "traditional" rites of spring in favor of wholesome, worthwhile activities in their break the week of March 15.

AN EDITOR'S LIFE | Proper justice starts with us

Teak Phillips

Even before the U.S. Department of Justice released the long-anticipated "Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department," our community heard stories of abuses by Ferguson's police and in the municipal courts. Many protesters last year cited these injustices as the real motivation for protests. Michael Brown's shooting was just a catalyst.

The protests often were mixed with criminal acts of violence and vandalism. Police -- and even some protesters -- pointed to outside agitators as the antagonists.

EDITORIAL | Opinion is no match for experience

We've been offered reminders lately about how words and actions hurt.

Our state auditor is dead. Issues that surfaced last year in Ferguson still divide our community. A former Major League Baseball player's daughter was the subject of horrible Twitter attacks.

By now, you know these stories. They've been covered extensively by local and national media, so this editorial will spare you the displeasure of reading the sordid details. There's no need to repeat the hate.

Sacred conversations on race

"Sacred Conversations on Race (+ Action)" is the topic of a program from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 7, at Sts. Teresa and Bridget Parish, 2401 N. Grand Ave. in north St. Louis. In keeping with the archdiocesan commitment to confront systemic racism in the work for peace and justice, the conversations support congregations and faith organizations as they broach difficult conversations centered on racial tension. To register, call (314) 367-3484 and leave a voice mail, or email dotandjim@sbcglobal.net. 

Fontbonne students provide business boost for Ferguson burger bar

Ferguson Burger Bar and more owner Charles DAvis

On a recent afternoon, Charles Davis sat behind the counter at his restaurant -- Ferguson Burger Bar and More -- and took advantage of the lull to catch up on some work.

Along with his co-owner and wife, Kizzie, Davis wears many hats. Business manager and floor sweeper. Marketing executive and server. Financial officer and cashier. You name it and he does it, sneaking in duties between customers in his 12-hour days, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

"Even when it's slow, there's always something to do," he said in a brief break from handling paperwork and working the phones.

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