fatherrobert rosebrough

A response to 'brokenness'

Photo by Lisa Johnston | lisajohnston@archstl.org
Dorothy Frese, a parishioner of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, prayed the Rosary with some 150 others outside the church. Father Robert “Rosy” Rosebrough, pastor of Blessed Teresa, is helping the Ferguson community to promote unity and healing by praying the Rosary together in the grotto. The prayer gatherings will continue each Monday at 6:30 p.m.

Three days after the shooting of Michael Brown and two days after the start of rioting in Ferguson, about 500 people gathered to celebrate back-to-school night at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish.

School children, their families and former school families as well came out to "let the world know that we are people of faith and the seed of love and hope resides in our hearts," as pastor Father Robert Rosebrough said.

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