father robert spitzer

Faith vs. science: they're not mutually exclusive

Father Robert Spitzer, SJ is the president of the Magis Center of Reason and Faith, an organization that explains the close connection between faith and reason in contemporary astrophysics, philosophy and historical study of the New Testament.

Television critics touted the popular 1990s sitcom "Seinfeld" as a "show about nothing."

The program used that description often in its nine-year run and even based an episode on Jerry Seinfeld, playing himself, and George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander, pitching "a show about nothing" to NBC executives.

But even Jerry and George quibbled about the meaning of "nothing."

"Even nothing is something," Jerry assures the execs, later adding to George's description of an episode about going to work, "Well, uh, maybe something happens on the way to work."

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