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GUEST COLUMNIST | Catholic Student Center: A strong force for good

A while ago, I received a call from Chancellor Mark Wrighton, who told me the Board of Trustees of Washington University had unanimously awarded me an honorary doctorate. This was so surprising and off the page of anything even thought about that I was moved to the core and grateful beyond words.

Wash U. Catholic Student Center a refuge for helping students appreciate sexuality

Cynthia Enghauser, social justice campus minister at Washington University, spoke about emergency contraception.

Pharmacy student Tracey Nguyen recently recalled being taught in one of her classes that pregnancy begins when the human embryo has successfully implanted in a woman's uterus.

As a Catholic, Nguyen took issue with that. And it's certainly an issue that does not come without debate, both in the spheres of science and faith. Some in the medical field, along with the Catholic Church, hold that pregnancy begins at conception, while others state that pregnancy starts at implantation. The issue is one that sits at the heart of the abortion debate.

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