father art cavitt

GUEST COLUMNIST | A city smolders: No choice but to keep investing

Father Art Cavitt

In the days since the fatal shooting by police of Michael Brown in Ferguson, images in the media have been riveting and heartbreaking. There have been confrontations with police, destruction and looting of stores. And then there are those glimpses of fire, the raging fire.

Diversity, commonality in religious roots affect positive change

I was raised in a spiritually ecumenical environment. I was baptized into the Catholic Church as an infant and catechized in Catholic schools. At an early age, I identified with the passionate praying, preaching and singing at church services with family and friends who were of different denominations. My exposure to various denominations has served me well in my role as priest. Recently, I have been invited to an array of ecumenical liturgical events in the St. Louis area. Among the highlights were when, with the endorsement of Archbishop Robert J.

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