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Women religious fill unmet need in Catholic schools

Sister Joan Stoverink, ASC, smiled as kindergarten student David Mung celebrated a victory in a game of “Go Fish Antonym” in class on May 21. Sister Joan tutors students at St. Stephen Protomartyr, many of whom are from Myanmar, as part of the English Tutoring Project.

First-grader Helen Kim held a card and prepared for her turn in the game of modified Go Fish she was playing with fellow students. She asked if the other had a card with a word that was the antonym of "wide."

Seeing no response, Sister Joan Stoverink, ASC, defined the word "wide" so one of the students at the table could find the opposite. She extended her arms and said that wide "is a tough one; it means 'spread out.'" Just then, a student sprung to his feet and shouted out the antonym, "narrow."

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