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TWENTY SOMETHING | ‘A word to fiancés’: The Francis effect on wedding planning

Christina Capecchi

It had been a long day, and Brooke Paris couldn't wait to take off her heels, peel off her contacts and wipe off her make-up. She changed into her pajamas, climbed into bed and opened her MacBook to the pope's post-synodal apostolic exhortation.

Pope to engaged couples: After 'I do,' comes 'may I, thank you, sorry'

VATICAN CITY -- Greeting thousands of engaged couples on the feast of St. Valentine, Pope Francis told them not to be afraid of building a permanent and loving relationship in a culture where everything is disposable and fleeting.

The secrets to a loving and lasting union, he said, include treating each other with respect, kindness and gratitude, and never letting daily struggles and squabbles sabotage making peace and saying, "I'm sorry."

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