Principals pleased with A+ scholarship expansion to include private school graduates

Catholic school students are the beneficiaries of legislation signed by Gov. Jay Nixon ending discrimination against them in the A+ scholarship program, according to the principals of two high schools that had advocated for the change.

"The real winner here is the kids," said Kevin Mabie, principal of St. Francis Borgia Regional High School in Washington. "Our kids were being denied something that really was their right."

BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Freedom and faith-based education

As we prepare to celebrate the 240th birthday of our beloved United States of America, we also celebrate the Fortnight for Freedom from June 21-July 4, a time for us to promote the importance of religious liberty — our "first freedom."

Virtue-based discipline

The sixth graders entered the 2015-16 school year at Our Lady Queen of Peace School with their reputation preceding them.

Homeroom teacher Terry Ostlund described it as steeped in "conflict." Student Paige Vancil defined it as "drama." For math and science teacher Rebecca Nestor, their reputation was "negative."

Regardless of the word, the reputation had been firmly entrenched "since the primary grades," Ostlund said. "They've had a rough go."

Collaboration between Paul VI, Holy Apostles to expand educational opportunities

Students at the Pontifical Paul VI Catechetical Institute may apply courses toward an online master's degree at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, as part of a new collaboration between the two educational institutions.

Those who have completed courses taught by approved instructors at Paul VI, dating back to 2010, will receive up to nine credit hours toward an online master's degree in theology or pastoral studies at Holy Apostles, located in Cromwell, Conn. The credits will be applied as elective courses toward the degrees. Both master's programs each require 36 credit hours.

BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Message about Catholic education from 1931 still rings true

Kurt Nelson

Last month the Catholic Education Office moved back to the Cardinal Rigali Center. While moving is both exciting and exhausting, I also found it to be a little surprising.

BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Nothing beats a firsthand experience

Kurt Nelson

It happens nearly every time I go on a trip. Even though I photograph all the amazing things I experience, I get home only to find that the photographs failed to capture the full essence of what I was documenting. I might also tell friends and loved ones, "wish you were here" when I miss their company. But I don't just miss their physical presence, I also want them to see and feel the same things I am and won't be able to fully express it in words or pictures. Nothing beats experiencing something firsthand. Nothing beats being there yourself.

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