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‘There’s nothing like the love we have in our parish’


In a lesson about "known facts," third-graders at Incarnate Word School gave teacher Emilie Lamb examples from mathematics, such as five plus two equals seven, five times five equals 25.

Aiden Hadican raised his hand to offer an example: "Eight plus two equals 10," he said.

"That's right, Aiden," Lamb confirmed, adding praise. "Good job."

Over in the fourth-grade room, students surrounded Lily Gerbic's desk and helped her with a Spanish language quiz on her computer tablet, translating English words into Spanish.

Children with Down Syndrome ‘draw us closer to God’

First grader, Christian Solomon, followed along in his math workbook with his para professional, Miss Mary. Patty and Marty Solomon have two adopted children with Down Syndrome.  Both children attend Immaculate Conception of Dardenne Prairie school.  Christian is in the first grade while Shellye is in the sixth grade. Shellye and Christian are the youngest of nine children.

After only a few weeks at her new school, sixth-grader Shellye Solomon gave an emphatic thumbs-up to Msgr. Ted Wojcicki, the pastor at Immaculate Conception Parish in Dardenne Prairie.

"Shellye told Monsignor that she didn't just like it there ... she LOVES it!" Shellye's mom, Patty Solomon, wrote in a text message.

One Classroom Foundation is passionate about inclusive education

Lisa Johnston | | @aeternusphoto

LeeAnn and Tony Armitage founded One Classroom with the goal of helping parents make inclusive education possible in parish schools for parents of children with special needs. Christopher Armitage, center, their son, played with his first-grade classmates Jack Erd and Ethan Ross at Mary Queen of Peace School in Webster Groves.

Katy Siebenman raised her hand when teacher Martha Kearns posed the question in a kindergarten classroom at Mary Queen of Peace School in Webster Groves.

"What's the scene in this story?" Kearns asked.

Katy had no doubt about the answer.

"The park," she said after Kearns called on her.

As described, the scene doesn't appear to be unique or out of the ordinary for classrooms anywhere, just a commonplace occurrence that happens thousands of times every day: students correctly answering questions in classroom discussions.

Pro-life legislation making headway in Missouri this session

Shortly after Evelyn Gallagher was born, doctors diagnosed her with Down syndrome. Her parents were surprised by the news.

But it didn’t take long for her parents to see the beautiful gift God had given them.

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