Deacons and the diaconate

Deacons’ diaper drive keeps babies covered

Deacon Mike Suden, left, from St. Bridget Parish in Pacific headed up the first deacon Diaper Drive collection last year, Archdiocesan deacons are collecting diapers for organizations who serve the needy in their parishes or nearby parishes.

The bounty from the deacon's Lenten Diaper Drive stays local, which is good news for the Office of the Diaconate.

Otherwise, the archdiocesan office at Cardinal Rigali Center quickly would be overwhelmed.

"They all wouldn't fit in here," joked Deacon Christ Ast, whose office might fit 15 percent of the 125,000 diapers in the inaugural collection last year.

DEAR FATHER | Exposing, reposing Blessed Sacrament should be reserved for priests, deacons

Whenever we speak about handling the Eucharist, we desire to treat the Lord with the greatest respect. Even with this most important desire, there will be unexpected situations that will arise. How do we handle these situations while keeping respect for the Blessed Sacrament at the fore?

Editorial | Called to serve the Lord

Much has changed in the 40 years since the calendar clicked over to 1977.

Numerous things have gone by the wayside, including — thankfully — bell-bottoms, disco and gas-guzzling vehicles. Secularly, we're on our seventh president and, in the Catholic world, our fifth pope and our fifth archbishop of St. Louis.

We've also experienced a drop in vocations to the clergy and to consecrated life, with Catholic education transitioning to the laity as a result. But thankfully, we've seen a great increase in the diaconate in the archdiocese, men firmly committed to serving the Church.

Deacons meet Christ in the face of those suffering


The phone call came from out of the blue, a random query from a potential customer similar to other calls into Ken Potzman's construction company: Someone wanted him to bid on a job.

Simple as that, except this turned out to be more than your average, run-of-the-mill request for a job bid. It proved to be the ministry component of The Call, capital 'T' and capital 'C.'

Information nights help men discern call to diaconate

Newly retired Kurt Loeffler of Queen of All Saints Parish in Oakville asked God for a sign that dioconate formation was the right move for him. God answered in the form of a parish deacon who called out of the blue asking Loeffler if he had ever considered the diaconate.

"I wanted to get hit over the head with a two-by-four ... and He hit me," Loeffler said, with a laugh. "That was my sign."

Obituary | Deacon Albin A. Gegg

A funeral Mass for Deacon Albin A. Gegg was celebrated Aug. 8 at St. Joseph Church in Farmington.

Deacon Gegg, 84, died Aug. 4 in Farmington. Born in Coffman, he married Norma Jean Seitz in 1952. Deacon Gegg spent 27 years with the U.S. Postal Service prior to retiring. He continued to work part time in the real estate business.

Deacon Gegg was ordained to the Sacred Order of the Diaconate in 1992 by Archbishop John May. He was assigned to St. Joseph Parish in Farmington, where he served until retiring in 2012.

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