deacon diaper drive

Deacons’ diaper drive keeps babies covered

Deacon Mike Suden, left, from St. Bridget Parish in Pacific headed up the first deacon Diaper Drive collection last year, Archdiocesan deacons are collecting diapers for organizations who serve the needy in their parishes or nearby parishes.

The bounty from the deacon's Lenten Diaper Drive stays local, which is good news for the Office of the Diaconate.

Otherwise, the archdiocesan office at Cardinal Rigali Center quickly would be overwhelmed.

"They all wouldn't fit in here," joked Deacon Christ Ast, whose office might fit 15 percent of the 125,000 diapers in the inaugural collection last year.

Deacons’ diaper drive to pamper families in need

Deacon Mike Suden, left, from St. Bridget in Pacific is heading up the “Deacon Diaper Drive” collection, with permanent deacons from parishes throughout the archdiocese collecting baby and adult diapers for organizations that serve the needy. Deacon Suden brought a load of baby diapers to the parish secretary, Pam Manuel, center, and talked with Father Jim Holbrook. His wife, Mary Elaine Suden, brought a package of adult diapers.

It doesn't matter if you're loyal to Huggies, Pampers or Luvs. The permanent deacons of the archdiocese want your diapers. New diapers, just to be clear.

The permanent deacons are organizing an archdiocesan-wide drive to collect baby diapers for those in need. Deacons primarily will organize collections in their parishes the weekend of March 12 and 13.

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