cynthia hitschler

Truth, beauty, goodness come to life through sculptor’s work

Sculptor Cynthia Hitschler was commissioned to sculpt bronze statues for Holy Infant Parish in Ballwin. The full installation includes four life-sized bronze statues of children that demonstrate the theme “I Am the Pro-Life Generation.”

When Cynthia Hitschler reflects on the legacy of religious art, she is overwhelmed by the great faith of the people who created it and how it lives on to inspire future generations.

Hitschler, in her own right, has contributed to the world of art as a bronze sculptor for the past 20 years. Her work with religious sculptures — from crucifixes and statues of the saints to works that promote the sanctity of life — depicts truth, beauty and goodness.

St. Joseph Parish dedicates statue of Holy Family

The sculpture created by Cynthia Hitschler aims to emphasize the humanity of the Holy Family and allow parishioners to connect more readily with them.

A statue of the Holy Family recently dedicated at St. Joseph Parish in Cottleville helps emphasize the humanity of the Holy Family, according to the local artist who created the piece.

The statue was dedicated at St. Joseph Parish Sept. 26.

The artwork depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph in a style the artist, Cynthia Hitschler, describes as hard realism. Often religious statues are on pedestals and created in an idealized image, she said, whereas this piece has an everyday look with a coarseness to the clothing and a sinewy look to limbs.

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