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DEAR FATHER | Concept of karma lacks centeredness in God

The basic concept of karma is simple to explain: what we sow in the world through our words and actions is what will be returned to us. So, when we're friendly with others, people will be friendly with us in return. But how this concept is explicated is where the Church concentrates her thoughts.

Church offers answer to aging population

UNITED NATIONS — An intervention from the Holy See's Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations decried the low birth rates in 80 countries in the world, saying the statistics "should be a great cause for alarm."

Msgr. Janusz Urbanczyk, who is first counselor and charge d'affaires at the mission, delivered the intervention April 10 to the U.N.'s Commission on Population and Development.

Univision poll shows strong support for church teaching in Asia, Africa

MEXICO CITY -- A poll by Spanish-language broadcaster Univision shows Catholics in Asia and Africa, where the Church is growing fastest, expressing strong support for Church teachings.

The poll of self-identified Catholics in 12 countries showed high approval of Pope Francis, but split on subjects such as abortion, priests being able to marry and same-sex marriage.

Editorial | Rebelling against the culture

A new poll by Spanish-language broadcaster Univision highlighting countries where support for Church teachings is the highest and lowest has garnered much attention.

The poll became fodder for much of the secular media in the United States wanting to point out divisions between Church hierarchy and its members. "The pope's Catholic problem" was the headline of a commentary in the Chicago Tribune, for example. It stated that on every issue, Catholics in the United States are more liberal than the Church's teachings.

Support of mine workers follows Church teaching

United Mine Worker members and their supporters rallied several times earlier this year during bankruptcy hearings in St. Louis for Patriot Coal Co. Pope Leo XIII's encyclical, "Rerum Novarum," is called a prophetic call for the Church to support workers’ associations for their protection and the advancement of the common good.

Catholic priests joined other faith leaders and some 250 community members earlier this summer in a candlelight vigil with mine workers as a federal court began Patriot Coal's bankruptcy hearing in St. Louis.

The mine workers' struggle for justice was played out throughout the summer.

Resources on stem-cell research

The Catholic Church supports stem-cell research, provided it does not invlove the death of humans.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops notes that the Church is not opposed to stem-cell treatments and research obtained from "adult" stem cells, such as adult tissue, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, blood, muscle and more. Numerous treatments have come from the use of adult stem cells.

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