christ's resurrection

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Faith in the resurrection of Christ transforms everything we do

The Feast of the Resurrection is as spectacular as it is mysterious. We'll never comprehend this mystery, we'll only experience it someday. The mystery touches us in inexplicable ways every day. Contemplating this mystery should profoundly alter the way we relate to others, because Christ relates to others through us.

Divine Mercy Sunday celebrates fullness of Christ’s resurrection

The feast of Divine Mercy, or Divine Mercy Sunday, is observed on the octave of Easter and celebrates the fullness of Christ's Resurrection. This year, the feast will be celebrated April 23.

The feast was initiated by St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun who kept a diary in the 1930s of Christ's private revelations, telling her of His message of mercy. She wrote that she first saw a vision of Jesus on Feb. 22, 1931. He had rays of mercy streaming from His heart. Christ told her to have an image painted to represent the vision and to write below it, "Jesus, I trust in you!"

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Christ's resurrection power has taken up the battle with Satan

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

So often we think of the resurrection of Christ as primarily a promise of our own resurrection from the dead. Since we fail to see our human condition as it really is, we fail to understand how Christ wants to free us in our lives today. If we don't understand our condition and the battle we are in, how can we understand the freedom Christ wishes to bring about in us?

When Adam sinned, he and all of his descendants had contracted a debt and had to battle Satan to free themselves, but since the sin was infinite, mankind could never get himself out of debt to Satan.

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