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Archbishop Robert J. Carlson's processes into the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson's homily during the 2017 Chrism Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.  

Holy Week: Prayer, reflection, traditions mark the pinnacle of the Church

The risen Christ is depicted in the painting “Resurrection” by 15th-century Italian master Andrea Mantegna.

In Holy Week, we honor the pinnacle of the Catholic faith, when Jesus rose from the dead as part of God's salvific plan for humanity. This is bigger than Christmas. It's a reminder of His infinite mercy for us, and a time in which we grow closer to Him in love.

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Palm Sunday

BEFORE THE CROSS | Chrism Mass is a great Catholic tradition

Auxiliary Bishop Edward M. Rice celebrated a memorial Mass in honor of the four Missionaries of Charity murdered March 4 in Yemen. The Mass at Sts. Teresa and Bridget, the parish served by the local Missionaries of Charity in St. Louis, was one of three memorial Masses celebrated March 14 in St. Louis.

Anointing, in Biblical and other ancient symbolism, is rich in meaning: Oil is a sign of abundance and joy; it cleanses (anointing before and after a bath) and limbers (the anointing of athletes and wrestlers); oil is a sign of healing, since it is soothing to bruises and wounds; and it makes radiant with beauty, health, and strength. Anointing with oil has all these meanings in the sacramental life (CCC 1293-4).

Most people know about the big celebrations of Holy Week — Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil, Easter Mass.

‘Priest for a day' is a wish that came true


Make-A-Wish requests often involve meeting athletes, attending sporting events or traveling to amusement parks or beaches.

When it came time for 11-year-old Brett Haubrich of south St. Louis County to make his wish, he not only listed none of those things but had no request at all.

"He didn't want anything," explained his mother, Eileen. "They had to keep asking him, 'What would you like to do? Do you want to meet anybody? What do you want to be when you grow up?'"

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