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Katie Feise had spinal surgery 2010, after suffering a number of injuries over the years. The operation was successful, but her recovery didn't progress like it was supposed to.

"It was like a dark cloud over me," Feise said. "I felt I needed to seek a higher power in my recovery."

Feise believed there was a hurdle in front of her, one that had major spiritual implications and was preventing her from properly healing.

Catholic Renewal Center moves to new location in Crestwood

Father Christopher Martin laughed with Jane Guenther at the new location for the Catholic Renewal Center on the old convent on the grounds of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Crestwood. The center’s mission is “To stir into flame the culture of Pentecost through a fuller awakening of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, thus being empowered to bring Christ to others with new energy and new enthusiasm.”

At the heart of the archdiocesan Catholic Renewal Center is a grassroots mission to help others receive the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Prayer, conferences, spiritual direction, seminars, teaching and retreats are part of that work. To help expand upon those services, the center relocated its offices this past November from north St. Louis County to the former Sparkill Dominican convent at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Crestwood.

Pentecost novena begins May 15

The annual Pentecost novena, organized by the archdiocesan Catholic Renewal Center, will take place May 15-22 from 7-8 p.m. at the Cardinal Rigali Center, 20 Archbishop May Drive in Shrewsbury. Each evening of the novena, a different facilitator will lead a reading of Scripture, a meditation and a prayer for the day.

Christ Alive: Becoming a joyful Christian

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, the Paul VI Institute and the Catholic Renewal Center are co-sponsoring a "Christ Alive Speaker Series," with four lectures to be presented on various topics related to living Christian freedom and joy.
All four sessions will take place on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon at the Cardinal Rigali Center in Shrewsbury.

The Lost Souls

Oppression and fear weighed heavily on the new homeowner who encountered a lost soul.

Walking into a room, the homeowner noticed in the middle of the floor a folder full of documents pertaining to a stranger's military career. The new inhabitant asked the neighbors about the person mentioned in the documents. The neighbors said they were about the home's previous occupant, who died in the war in Afghanistan.

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