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POPE'S MESSAGE | Don't leave home without it; take Gospel on the go, to the world

Pope Francis prayed at an Austro-Hungarian cemetery for soldiers of World War I in Fogliano di Redipuglia, Italy, Sept. 13. The pope prayed for the fallen of all wars and also celebrated Mass in front of the nearby Redipuglia war memorial, which honors the 100,000 Italian soldiers who died during World War I.

VATICAN CITY -- Tuck the Gospel in your pocket and put on your walking shoes to share Christ's love, peace and joy with the world, Pope Francis said.

The Holy Spirit inspires Christians to "overcome every obstacle, to conquer the temptation of being closed up in oneself -- among a chosen few" and to prevent people from believing they are "the only one destined for God's blessing," he said at his weekly general audience Sept 17 in St. Peter's Square.

THE GOOD STEWARD | The Gospel of Jesus Christ is pro-culture

Dan Conway

We sometimes hear it said that the Gospel is countercultural. That's not exactly correct.

Dear Father | Catholic Church maintains longstanding ban on joining the Masons

Msgr. Matthew Mitas

I was discussing the Masons with some friends and we were confused;
some thought it was now OK for Catholics to join them, and others said
that wasn’t true. Which is it?

Freemasonry is still condemned by the Church and any Catholic who attempts to join them incurs excommunication. This prohibition has been in force from the very origins of Freemasonry and has never changed. This is a very serious penalty and is only applied when very serious matters are involved. The Church considers Freemasonry to be one of those matters.

BEFORE THE CROSS | The Church is the mother of our faith

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson was the guest speaker at St. Louis Young Adult’s Theology on Tap Oct. 8 at Kirkwood Brewing Station. Archbishop Carlson spoke to about 175 people about evangelization, using examples from his 2012 pastoral letter. He answered questions on a wide range of topics.

Have you ever noticed how mothers brag about their children's talents and successes? My mother could hardly restrain herself when it came to telling others about her children and grandchildren. Privately, in an attempt to offer constructive criticism, Mom didn't hesitate to point out our faults. She once said to me, her son the bishop, "You're not a perfect person, you know." She could be dead-on in her criticism to my sisters and me, but when she was speaking about us to other people, we could do no wrong!

Panelists discuss church's contribution to improvements in Cuba

Blessed John Paul II laid the cornerstone for the first new construction for the church in Cuba in nearly 40 years. The new San Carlos and San Ambrosio seminary, which opened in 2010 outside Havana, is pictured in a 2012 photo.

WASHINGTON -- Through a series of efforts -- including the publication of two magazines, the creation of education and social service programs, and negotiations to release some prisoners -- the Catholic Church in Cuba has been instrumental in moving the country in new directions, said a panel of speakers July 29.

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