black history month

GUEST COLUMNIST | Black History Month … why?

Do you remember when flipping the calendar from January to February seemed to signal "time to learn about black people?"

Teachers scheduled field trips and presentations. Anyone who desired could tune into assorted TV programs, find films and attend stage performances. Librarians extended recommended reading lists to include books by, for and about African Americans. Schoolchildren wrote reports, prepared recitations and explored historical, scientific and cultural achievements of African Americans in the United States.

Flat tire fails to deflate priest's mission in Ferguson

Father Art Cavitt, pastor of St. Nicholas Parish Downtown, was the main speaker at the Faith in Ferguson gathering Feb. 17 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Ferguson. Father Cavitt spoke of Black History Month being “human history” for all. Lisa Johnston |

Father Art Cavitt's day had gone pretty much as planned.

He handled duties as executive director of the St. Charles Lwanga Center and as pastor at St. Nicholas Parish, and he would end the workday by leading the monthly archdiocesan "Faith In Ferguson" prayer service at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Ferguson -- just 11.6 miles and a 17-minute drive from St. Nicholas via Interstate 70.

Father Art left in plenty of time to arrive early, kibitz and relax a bit before the 4:30 prayer service, but ...

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