Wide-ranging ministry connects seniors with their parish

Josephine Insalaco received a hug from two-year-old Macoy Van Cleave who ran up to her after showing off his dance moves. Also pictured are Helen Schodroski, left, and Carole Brueggemann, right. Students at Assumption Early Learning Center performed songs, dances, shared prayer and read stories with members of the parish’s senior ministry on a recent visit.

Bob McHugh held the attention of the pre-kindergarten class with an animated and interactive reading of "If You Give a Mouse a Brownie" by Laura Numeroff. He drummed with his hand and asked the children about playing a guitar at the appropriate times in the book.

"That's a good book. I'm going to go home and make some brownies," McHugh said with a chuckle as he finished reading.

POPE’S MESSAGE | Pope entrusts to Mary victims of disasters, conflict, social tension

Pope Francis gave a blessing at his Angelus prayer on the feast of the Assumption, Aug. 15, at the Vatican. After the prayer, the pope asked Mary to obtain “for everyone consolation and a future of serenity and harmony.”

VATICAN CITY — In a week in which natural disasters, war and racial conflicts dominated the headlines, Pope Francis prayed that Mary would bring peace to a divided world.

After reciting the Angelus prayer on the feast of the Assumption, the pope asked Mary to obtain "for everyone consolation and a future of serenity and harmony."

BEFORE THE CROSS | Mary’s Assumption sets proper order

What does Mary's Assumption, which we celebrate Aug. 15, mean for us?

In the second reading for the feast, St. Paul writes: "For just as in Adam all die, so too in Christ shall all be brought to life, but each one in proper order." This explains the logic of the feast. Mary followed Jesus more closely than anyone else on earth, so Mary followed Jesus more quickly than anyone else into heaven. Christ goes first, Mary next — that's the proper order.

What about us?

Has God Pikachu? Popularity of Pokemon Go opens door for church evangelization

Father Thomas Keller, pastor of Assumption Parish in St. Louis visited with Pokemon game players in the church parking lot.  The Parish grounds are a hot spot for the game, and so he and his associate pastor, Father David Miloscia have used the Pokemon craze for some creative evangelization. The high school friends are Alex Koelz, Adam Salman, Blake Koelz, Alec Richardson and Brennan Moore.

The messages are posted across campus at Assumption Church in south St. Louis County:

Attention Pokemon trainers: Feeling alone? God already Pikachu!

Looking for Pokemon? Maybe God is looking for you!

Playing with cheat codes? We've got a sacrament that can fix that!


CATHOLIC BY GRACE | Mary's Assumption came about through Jesus' great love

Denise Bossert

Mary was assumed into heaven.

It's one of the more difficult teachings for converts to grasp. But there are ways to approach the Assumption so that non-Catholics may come to believe.

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