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School’s volunteer-led effort taps students’ creativity


The first-grade students listened patiently and watched as parent-volunteers used a Smartboard to explain the purpose and method of making prayer flags common in Tibet.

Next, they received a sample of symbols they could draw on their colorful square flag. Ella Torrez chose a fleur de lis "because I live in St. Louis and also because I like Mary because she's nice to the baby Jesus," she said.

Volunteer art program at St. Margaret giving kids an appreciation for creativity

St. Margaret of Scotland School relies on a group of parent and grandparent volunteers to bring art lessons to the school children every other week. Third-graders Caeli Millett, left, and Willa Henske used evergreen branches as stamps to embellish their clay dishes.

Rem Eiler carefully held the still damp clay dish he had crafted. As he admired his handiwork, he described the sponging technique he used to mould it into a small square dish, complete with imprints he'd made on top of the tray using a small branch from an evergreen.

"I'll probably give this to my mom," he said.

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