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FRENTE A LA CRUZ | El Tiempo Ordinario nos impulsa a luchar por las normas morales

A medida que volvemos a entrar esta semana en el tiempo ordinario, quiero preguntarles: ¿Qué es lo que cuenta como "ordinario"?

Hay cosas que son estadísticamente ordinarias, pero no moralmente ordinarias - la forma en la que son las cosas, pero no la forma en la que deberían ser. ¿Nos conformamos con las normas estadísticas, o luchamos por las normas morales? Déjeme darle algunos ejemplos.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Ordinary Time prompts us to strive for the moral norm

As we re-enter ordinary time this week, I want to ask: what counts as "ordinary?"

There are things that are statistically ordinary but not morally ordinary — the way things are, but not the way they were meant to be. Do we settle for the statistical norm, or strive for the moral norm? Let me give some examples.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Transitions are an opportunity to embrace challenge and opportunity

The Scriptures this week encourage us to think about transitions.

Jesus prepares His disciples (and us) for His Ascension. His way of being present to them is about to change. So far, He's been present to them physically and externally. After the Ascension, when He sends the Spirit, He'll be with them internally, sacramentally and mystically. That will take some getting used to, and He wants to prepare them for the transition.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Gospel of Mark challenges us to be great witness to Christ

We celebrate the Feast of St. Mark this week (April 25). And this year, we're reading from St. Mark's Gospel on Sundays. It's a good time to ask: What are some of the outstanding features of the Gospel of Mark that serve to guide our lives?

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Centremos nuestra atención en el Señor, no en el quebranto del mundo

¿En qué centramos nuestra atención?

Muchos de nosotros ponemos atención a las noticias a primera hora de la mañana mientras nos alistamos, y luego en la tarde cuando estamos cansados de un largo día. ¿Dónde fijamos nuestra atención en esos momentos de vulnerabilidad? Las noticias tienden a centrar nuestra atención en las peores cosas que han sucedido en las últimas 24 horas, y a menudo seguimos esa tendencia.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Focus on the Lord, not on the world’s brokenness

What do we focus on?

Many of us pick up the news first thing in the morning when we're just getting going, and then again in the evening when we're tired from a long day. At those vulnerable moments, where do we focus? The news tends to focus our attention on the worst possible things that have happened in the past 24 hours, and we often follow that lead.

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