Archbishops and bishops

Survey: Majority of Catholics share bishops' religious liberty concerns

WASHINGTON -- A majority of Catholics say they share the U.S. bishops' concerns about the federal contraceptive mandate and other government restrictions on religious liberty, and the percentage of Catholics who say they are satisfied with the bishops' leadership has increased sharply in the past 10 years.

Catholics who attend Mass more frequently are more likely to agree with bishops' concerns on social issues, and those who attend less frequently show less support for their views on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

CRS says funding for humanitarian aid did not violate church teaching

WASHINGTON -- Catholic Relief Services said that $5.3 million in emergency funding it provided to the humanitarian organization CARE in 2010 under a U.S. government grant did not violate Catholic teaching.

In postings on its website July 20 and July 24, the U.S. bishops' international development and relief agency explained that the money it provided to CARE was specifically used for water and sanitation and food and nutrition programs for poor families in Central America and Africa and could not be transferred to other services which CARE provided.

New Vatican doctrinal chief talks about traditionalist society, women religious discussions

VATICAN CITY -- Asked about how he would handle the most controversial cases he inherited, the new head of the Vatican's doctrinal office said, "For the future of the Church, it's important to overcome ideological conflicts from whatever side they come."

I Thought You Should Know | The greatest problem in our nation is living our faith

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 5, 2012

Ex 16:2-4,12-15

Eph 4:17,20-24

Jn 6:24-35 

St. Cyril articulated teaching on the Eucharist

We live in a time of confusion and controversy over what it means to be a Catholic Christian. Many diverse and dissonant voices tell us that our faith is old-fashioned and out of touch. Especially on matters involving human sexuality and the dignity of human life, Church teaching often is portrayed as repressive or intolerant. At best, our culture tends to regard religious teaching and practice as optional. At worst, those who take their faith seriously are regarded as a threat to ideologies that define the status quo.

I Thought You Should Know | The kingdom of heaven is within us, even if we do not fully perceive it

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time 2012

Ezekiel 17:22-24

2 Corinthians 5:6-10

Matthew 4:26-34 

Sometimes, when we are weary of our own weaknesses, we rejoice that God is not weary of our shortcomings and failures. The Father is aching to pour His love into our hurting hearts.

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