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FRENTE A LA CRUZ | El dominio de Jesús sobre el contexto prepara el terreno para la sabiduría

Las lecturas de esta semana nos enseñan acerca de la sabiduría. El libro de Sirac y los evangelios de esta semana nos muestran la sabiduría de Jesús. Veamos más profundamente la conexión entre la sabiduría, Jesús y nosotros.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Jesus’ mastery of context sets the stage for wisdom

The readings for this week teach us about wisdom. The book of Sirach describes wisdom as an attribute of God. The Gospels for the week show us the wisdom of Jesus. Let's take a deeper look at the connections between wisdom, Jesus and us.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Jesus restores the order of creation

Throughout the coming week, the daily readings prompt us to reflect on the order God has written into the world through creation and the covenant, what happens when we turn away from that order, and how Jesus came to restore it.

St. Louis aldermanic committee passes Board Bill 203

Lisa Johnston  |  |  twitter: @aeternusphoto

St. Louis Ward 19 Alderwoman, Marlene Davis, expressed her concern over Board Bill 203 during the  Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee meeting. Chair and Ward 17 Alderman Joseph Roddy, listened. Davis made an effort to amend the proposed ordinance but the measure passed without it.  The St. Louis Housing, Urban Development and Zoning committee passed Board Bill 203 and will be sending it to the entire St. Louis Board of Aldermen. The bill, introduced by Alderwoman Megan Green, is an ordinance to prohibit discrimination based on a person's reproductive health decisions or pregnancy; and containing a severability clause and an emergency clause.

A proposed St. Louis City ordinance affecting reproductive health decisions and pregnancy could have an effect on Catholic small business owners, such as Craig Schlapprizzi and his family.

Calling Board Bill 203 "overly broad," Schlapprizzi, vice president of Schlapprizzi Attorneys at Law, added that "on the most basic level, it's a violation of a person's fundamental right to freedom of religion, and there's no exemption for private business owners."

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Reaccionando ante las poderosas obras de Cristo y su Iglesia

Esta es la Semana de las Escuelas Católicas, y las lecturas del Evangelio de esta semana reflejan las poderosas obras de Jesús. El sana al geraseno endemoniado; cura a la mujer que tocó el borde de su manto; Él levanta a la hija de Jairo de la muerte; los apóstoles cuentan todo lo que ellos han hecho en su nombre.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Reacting to the mighty deeds of Christ and His Church

The Gospel readings for Catholic Schools Week help us reflect on the mighty deeds of Jesus. He cures the Gerasene demoniac; He heals the woman who touched the tassel of His cloak; He raises the daughter of Jairus from the dead. And the apostles report that they have accomplished everything in His name.

The Church is the mystical body of Christ, and Catholic education is one of the mighty deeds of Jesus in our day. Through Catholic schools — in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and across the country — Jesus brings His teaching mission to our time and place.

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