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FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Los laicos son llamados a estudiar y ejercer el “sacerdocio bautismal”

Un nuevo presidente tomará posesión de su cargo el viernes 20 de enero. ¿Cómo nos estamos preparando espiritualmente?

Tal vez queramos olvidar lo polémica que fue la campaña presidencial, o tal vez olvidar la respuesta inestable a los resultados. Pero, como personas de fe, no debemos olvidar.

Christian Unity Week service to stress reconciliation

Reconciliation, especially focusing on the 500th anniversary of the beginnings of the Reformation, will be stressed during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, celebrated this year from Jan. 18-25.

The week will be highlighted on Sunday, Jan. 22, with an ecumenical prayer service and reception at 7 p.m. at St. Justin Martyr Church, 11910 Eddie and Park Road in Sunset Hills. Rev. Michael Malone, Lutheran ecumenical officer, will preach. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson will preside.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Mary’s Assumption sets proper order

What does Mary's Assumption, which we celebrate Aug. 15, mean for us?

In the second reading for the feast, St. Paul writes: "For just as in Adam all die, so too in Christ shall all be brought to life, but each one in proper order." This explains the logic of the feast. Mary followed Jesus more closely than anyone else on earth, so Mary followed Jesus more quickly than anyone else into heaven. Christ goes first, Mary next — that's the proper order.

What about us?

BEFORE THE CROSS | Your friends, the saints

I know someone who loves the saints. When she learns about a new one — through a book, a biography or a movie — she says, "I met a new friend."

The saints may have died long ago, but they're more alive now than they were on earth. They're present to us from heaven. Why shouldn't we make friends with them?

BEFORE THE CROSS | Faith in God prepares us for when things get worse

It's going to get worse before it gets better.

That's one of the central messages of readings this week — and maybe a good lesson for us.

We start with the prophet Jeremiah, after the first wave of the Babylonian Exile in 597 BC. The false prophet Hananiah says: Within two years God will break the yoke of the king of Babylon, and Jerusalem will be restored. In short, he's saying: "Things are about to get better."

BEFORE THE CROSS | Glory involves suffering for God and vindication

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson

What's your definition of glory?

With baseball's All-Star Game behind us, and the opening of the Olympic Games just ahead of us, it seems like a good time to ask the question.

The readings this week provide clear guidance for developing a biblical perspective on glory.

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