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FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Con Dios, no hay nada que no podamos hacer

Santo Tomas de Aquino a veces compara a Dios con un pilar. Es importante no malinterpretar lo que él quiso decir con esta comparación. Lo que significa es lo siguiente: si nosotros nos colocamos a la derecha del pilar o a su izquierda, el pilar no cambia — nosotros cambiamos con respecto a él. Dos episodios de las lecturas de esta semana nos ayudan a comprender lo que esta comparación significa en nuestras vidas.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Saying ‘Yes’ to a deeper outpouring of the Holy Spirit

We're currently in between Ascension and Pentecost on the liturgical calendar. As we prepare to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit long ago, and pray for a deeper outpouring of the Spirit now, an important question to ask is: What does that look like?

Why is that an important question?

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Decir la verdad también requiere evaluar cómo es recibido el mensaje

Nuestro deber con el octavo mandamiento — No mentirás — es fascinante. El primer nivel es obvio, aunque no siempre es fácil: debemos hablar con la verdad. Sin embargo, las lecturas de esta semana nos iluminan a un nivel más profundo.

Fijemos nuestra reflexión en el discurso de San Pablo en el Areópago, el cual oiremos el miércoles.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Speaking truth also requires gauging how the message is received

Our duty to the Eighth Commandment — Thou shalt not lie — is fascinating. The first level is obvious, even if it isn't always easy: our speaking must be truthful. But deeper levels are illuminated by the readings this week.

Let's anchor our reflection in St. Paul's speech at the Areopagus, which we hear on Wednesday.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Every situation can be used to spread the Good News

A priest I know from Florida was recently returning from a foreign country. When he went through customs they asked him if he had anything to declare. With a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face, he responded: "Yes. Jesus Christ is Lord!"

It wasn't the response they were expecting; still, his declaration elicited several "Amens" from the customs agents.

This simple (and true!) story highlights one of the main themes from the readings this week. Every situation is an opportunity to proclaim the Good News.

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