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FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Los pequeños comienzos suelen ser parte de un plan más grande de Dios

Un día en mayo de 1917, María se le apareció a tres niños pastores. Ella continúo apareciendo ante ellos cada mes hasta octubre, concluyendo con el "milagro del sol" el 13 de octubre, evento presenciado por una multitud. La Iglesia declaró formalmente las apariciones como dignas de ser creídas en 1930.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Jesus is coming to break down walls

The election is over. Thanksgiving is next week. Advent begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The Scripture readings for this week are providentially arranged for this precise moment. What do they tell us? That it's time for the walls to come down.

Editorial | Annual Catholic Appeal enables acts of courage and missionary discipleship

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today, we announce and celebrate the success of the 2016 Annual Catholic Appeal. More than 51,000 households contributed almost 15 million to help build the Church. Thank you for your unwavering stewardship. By giving like this, even in the midst of the Beyond Sunday Campaign, you once again have demonstrated our unity and shown why St. Louis is such a remarkable archdiocese.

FRENTE A LA CRUZ | Reflexiones finales sobre la formación de nuestra conciencia para votar

No he resuelto cada tema en relación con la próxima elección, ni tampoco lo pretendo. Mi intención es ayudarlos en la formación de nuestra conciencia y dar forma a nuestras conversaciones a medida que nos preparamos para votar.

Además de los temas inmediatos de esta elección, me gustaría que elevaran sus ojos por un momento hacia un horizonte más amplio.

BEFORE THE CROSS | Concluding reflections on forming one’s conscience for voting

I haven't resolved every issue regarding the upcoming election, nor do I intend to. My intention is to help us form our consciences and frame our conversations as we prepare to vote.

In addition to the immediate issue of this election, however, I'd like to raise our eyes to a broader horizon for a moment.

When we do so, I return to one of my main questions: Can't a voting bloc of 25 percent of the nation create a political landscape that regularly features candidates who represent all of our Catholic values?

BEFORE THE CROSS | Jesus calls us to a deeper conversion

Two thousand years ago Jesus looked at people's actions, read their hearts' intentions and raised the bar. He asked for a deeper conversion from everyone He met. Looking at our actions and reading our hearts' intentions today, what would He ask of us? The readings this week from the prophet Amos give us a clue.

Amos was called to prophesy in northern Israel during the middle 700's before Christ. It was a time of apparent stability. Military security and economic prosperity were at an all-time high. Israel thought this was a blessing from God, a reward for their faithfulness.

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