On last morning in Holy Land, pope reaches out to Muslims, Jews

Pope Francis embraced Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka after praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem May 26. Looking on is Omar Abboud, Muslim leader from Argentina. "We did it," Rabbi Skorka said he told the pope and Abboud. The pope's message contained the text of the Our Father and of the 122nd Psalm, traditionally prayed by Jewish pilgrims who travel to Jerusalem.

JERUSALEM -- Pope Francis spent the last morning of his three-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land meeting with Muslims and Jews and calling for closer relations among the three major monotheistic religions as the basis for peace in the region.

At his first appearance May 26, Pope Francis toured the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, sacred to Muslims as the place from which Mohammed ascended to heaven, and spoke to Muslim leaders.

DEAR FATHER | Faith is the principal message behind Bible story of Abraham and Isaac

It was a miracle of God's power that Sarah and Abraham, both advanced in years, had their son, Isaac. How much joy Isaac must have brought to them! Not only was he the fulfillment of their hearts' desire to be parents, but also the sign to them that God was faithful to His promises.

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