Editorial | Winning lives, hearts, minds

The Vitae Foundation, whose mission is to encourage a culture of life through researched-based media, embraces the slogan "Together We Are Winning: Lives. Hearts. Minds."

Since 1992, when the organization began using mass media to reach women facing unplanned pregnancies, Vitae has expanded into markets across the nation with media campaigns to restore value and sanctity to human life.

YourOptions.com was launched in 2009 to provide a website that offers comfort, reassurance, knowledge and support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

AP: Number of abortions in U.S. has gone down since 2010

WASHINGTON -- An Associated Press survey of abortion in the United States this decade has revealed that the number of abortions has gone down by 12 percent since 2010.

The news was welcomed by pro-life advocates.

"It's important to realize, first of all, that the factors accounting for this are multiple, complex and often hard to measure," said a June 7 statement from Father Frank Pavone, the national director and chairman of Priests for Life, based in Staten Island, N.Y.

Abortion survivor stirs pro-lifers to ‘keep moving forward’

Aug. 29, 1977, was supposed to be the day that Melissa Ohden was delivered from her mother's womb as a "successful" abortion.

But she lived.

Ohden shared her story with nearly 800 people at the 38th annual Respect Life Convention Oct. 26 at St. Charles Convention Center with the hopes that it inspires people "to keep moving forward" in the pro-life movement, especially on those days when it might feel too difficult.

EDITORIAL | Save two Missouri pro-life bills

When state legislators convene in a veto session Sept. 10, they will consider three critical pieces of legistaltion vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon.

First is legislation that would increase the waiting period for having an abortion to 72 hours from 24 hours. Another is a bill that increases tax credits available for pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes and food pantries. A third seeks to restore funding for grants to provide services to ex-offenders to help them in their transition from prison.

Editorial | Vetoes mean now is the time to act

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has used his veto power to derail a bill requiring a 72-hour waiting period for abortions and another increasing the tax credits available for donations to organizations providing food to the poor and aid to pregnant women.

Efforts are being made in the legislature to override those vetoes. With a tough fight ahead and close vote expected, our legislators need to hear from us on the need for the override, which with enough votes will put the bills into law.

MCC aims for override of abortion wait veto

With the exception of an emergency, life-or-death situation in which surgeons immediately operate on a patient, most surgeries are scheduled, maybe one or two weeks out ... or even longer.

However, for perhaps the most important decision of a woman's life — whether to have a baby or to end its nascent life with an abortion — the state of Missouri requires only a 24-hour waiting period. And a recent attempt to extend the wait to 72 hours failed.

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