Guest Columnist | Let's cut some slack to Rep. Bart Stupak

U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Michigan, is now being called a baby killer and receiving death threats. Fortunately, cooler heads are trying to calm the waters.

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, told Fox News, "Bart is a good guy," before moving on to say that President Barack Obama's executive order banning abortion funding in the new federal health care reform law is not worth the scrap of paper it was signed on.

The Media Blog for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has posted a plea for civility -- "In All Things, Charity."

Viewpoints | Living with joy, gratitude

Recently I met a friend for lunch and we were served by our favorite waiter, a humble man named Moses.

As Moses wrote down our order, he smiled.

My friend asked; "Moses, why are you always smiling?"

Without hesitating, Moses replied, "Because it's easier!"

He disappeared with our order while my friend and I laughed. Three people at the next table overheard us and they also smiled.

"That man," I declared, "has discovered one of the secrets of life." We all nodded in agreement and our lunch tasted better than usual.

Viewpoints | The Catholic Difference | A legal travesty in Poland

A few years ago, Alicja Tysiac, a Polish woman who suffers from severe myopia, tried to obtain an abortion, arguing that carrying the child to term posed a grave risk to what remained of her sight. Two competent doctors disagreed and Ms. Tysiac's petition was denied; her situation did not satisfy any of the three exceptions to Poland's protective law on fetal life: Abortion is legal only in cases of rape, serious fetal handicap or grave health risk to the mother. Ms.

Why is Senate hiding from Hyde?

The thousands of pages in the health care reform legislation contain much to ponder, but what's most puzzling is the shying away from the Hyde Amendment in the Senate bill.

The Hyde Amendment was first passed in 1976 and prevents use of federal money to pay for elective abortions and health plans that include them. It has saved U.S. taxpayers from having to pay for others' elective abortions. The Hyde Amendment has been satisfactory for America for almost 35 years. Why not incorporate it into health care reform legislation now?

Viewpoints | Guest Columnist | Tragedy of abortion skews family trees

It was Dec. 9, 1886, and the news from Bowlan Township in Shannon County in southern Missouri, as reported in the Current Wave county newspaper, was simple and straightforward: "Plenty of snow. Hunters plenty and game scarce."

Viewpoints | 'The Good Steward' | Practicing our faith means seeking perfection in the spiritual life

My friend said "You should write about the Winter Olympics." My reply: "But I'm not a sports writer."

"I don't mean you should write about sports. Write about the discipline and sacrifices made by the athletes and their families. That's stewardship of talent in a big way!"

"I agree," I said. "In order to develop our talents and reach the potential that God gave each of us, we have to practice and make sacrifices. We see this forcefully with athletes, but it's also true for all of us -- no matter what skills or abilities God has given us."

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