Man of the House | Let's stop adding names to these walls

Here's one of those great, unanswerable questions: Why do people fight wars?

I know, I know, history has presented us with a seemingly endless list of possible answers. Power. Oppression. Injustice. Greed. Fanaticism. Stupidity. Arrogance. Religious beliefs.

Revenge. Oil. Retaliation.

The Good Steward | We are all accountable for the protection of our children

What can we say that hasn't already been said many, many times before, especially in recent years? The sexual abuse of children is an unspeakable moral evil. Anyone who commits such a heinous crime -- especially family members, priests, teachers, coaches, youth workers or others who are entrusted with the care of children -- deserves to be punished to the full extent of both civil and Church law.

Catholic by Grace | Different approaches can help what ails us

In 1976, while the rest of the United States celebrated the bicentennial, I was enduring "The Year of the Tonsils." Those tonsils landed me in the Howard County Hospital twice that year. On the second occasion, the doctor removed them.

I remember two of the nurses who worked the surgical wing as polar opposites. They were both from the Sisters of Mercy, who had been petitioned to take over the small Iowa hospital in the early 1900s. That is where their similarities ended.

Twenty Something | Toss or save? Easter miracle shows a Catholic take on spring cleaning

Whether spring cleaners decide to toss it or save it may be determined by whether they tune into American Pickers or Hoarders, two reality TV shows that issue opposite edicts on excess accumulation.

I started with the History Channel's American Pickers, a likable Iowa duo who cruise backroads in search of antiques buried in barns and basements.

"What most people see as junk," the host explains, "we see as dollar signs." When he scored a dusty old bike for $1,000, he squealed, "My pickin' prayers have been answered."

Guest Columnist | Let's cut some slack to Rep. Bart Stupak

U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Michigan, is now being called a baby killer and receiving death threats. Fortunately, cooler heads are trying to calm the waters.

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, told Fox News, "Bart is a good guy," before moving on to say that President Barack Obama's executive order banning abortion funding in the new federal health care reform law is not worth the scrap of paper it was signed on.

The Media Blog for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has posted a plea for civility -- "In All Things, Charity."

Viewpoints | Living with joy, gratitude

Recently I met a friend for lunch and we were served by our favorite waiter, a humble man named Moses.

As Moses wrote down our order, he smiled.

My friend asked; "Moses, why are you always smiling?"

Without hesitating, Moses replied, "Because it's easier!"

He disappeared with our order while my friend and I laughed. Three people at the next table overheard us and they also smiled.

"That man," I declared, "has discovered one of the secrets of life." We all nodded in agreement and our lunch tasted better than usual.

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