MAN OF THE HOUSE | Being the face of Jesus is a truly desirable legacy

Mike Eisenbath

Billboards around town show a new advertising slogan for a franchise of gyms: "What Will Be Your Legacy?"

Nothing against people who enjoy working out and lifting weights -- which I should do more often -- but my idea of a real legacy to leave my family and friends has nothing to do with six-pack abs or well-developed biceps.

BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Celebrating a school year without ‘winding down’

Kurt Nelson

As a school principal, I used to cringe this time of year when someone innocently asked me, "So, I suppose your school year is winding down?" Those who spend a lot of time in schools know the irony that before the school year winds down, it winds up. We celebrate First Communions, confirmations, proms, graduations, school concerts, competitions and awards ceremonies. It's fun to recognize all our children have accomplished, but an exhausting one as well.

AN EDITOR'S LIFE | Story of Brett's wish scores on many platforms

Teak Phillips

Some stories tell themselves. They just need a platform.

Such was the case in the story of Brett Haubrich, the 11-year-old whose wish to one day be a priest came as close to true as possible for a pre-teen. We told his story last week in our Living Our Faith section, but it had a worldwide reach through the Internet. What normally would be read in about 54,000 St. Louis households was read by countless faithful worldwide.

FAITH AND CULTURE | Walking in the Resurrection

F. Javier Orozco

For many of us, the habit of walking to and from places is becoming less common. Ours is a culture of fast-paced journeys to places both physical and virtual. We move from nation to nation, city to city, and neighborhood to neighborhood with great ease and hardly any walking. Cars, trains, planes and private jets -- for a few -- are at our disposal.

TWENTY SOMETHING | From the attic to the inbox, the American accumulation problem

Christina Capecchi

Carly Poppalardo had blisters on her feet when she drove home from an eight-hour session of professional organizing last Thursday, threw a bag of Trader Joe's pre-cut veggies and simmer sauce on the stove, flipped on the television" and sank into the couch.

"I was high on adrenaline," Carly said, "but I was so tired I could barely move."

FAITHFUL FAN | Local fans of Fighting Irish pleased with teams' success

The loss by the University of Notre Dame men's basketball team in the NCAA quarterfinals was a blow to the team's fans, especially when Notre Dame came so close to a win against undefeated Kentucky.
Two worthy teams, Wisconsin and Duke, made the finals and provided an entertaining game before Duke pulled ahead in the final minutes.

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