Viewpoint | Helping our priests through leadership, unity

Teak Phillips

Good shepherds need quality sheep.

Leaders can be measured, in part, by their culture. Great leaders develop environments in which all are encouraged to lead -- by example, by reward, by love.

Last week priests of the archdiocese spent a week learning about leadership. The theme of this year's quadrennial convocation was "Fostering a Culture of Leadership," and our priests were learning to assess and hone their leadership skills to assist us all in our hike with Jesus Christ.

MAN OF THE HOUSE | An open discussion about suicide might save someone's life

Mike Eisenbath

Funny, talented, wealthy, generous, admired people aren't supposed to want to die. People are supposed to live beyond the age of 63, Robin Williams' age when he died August 11.

People aren't supposed to die by suicide.

FAITH AND CULTURE | Finding our way in Christ

Javier Orozco

Ours is a world and culture that has given us an abundance of ways to accomplish not only what we envision, but also has given us concrete instruments and means to do so. In our lifetime, for example, we can point to technological advances that have improved our sense of direction and destination.

THE GOOD STEWARD | Catholic newspapers play an important role in diocesan communications

Dan Conway

The Catholic press isn't immune to the diseases that infect the secular newspaper business. A decline in readership with the resulting fall off in advertising and subscription revenues challenges newspapers and journals everywhere. Diocesan publications are no exception.

FAITHFUL FAN | CYC team comes through for teammate with cancer

Joseph Kenny

Sportsmanship comes in many forms, and at St. Mark Parish in Affton it was displayed this summer by a fifth-grade baseball team -- some of it less obvious, yet filled with emotion, as team members refused to forget about a teammate who is battling something far more difficult than a hard fastball.

VIEWPOINT | Separation of Church and State -- what it really means

Christopher Stefanick

The Declaration of Independence states we all have God-given rights -- not government-given rights, nor king-given rights -- and that the whole purpose of a government is to defend the rights that a government certainly has no right to take away. Among the most important of our God-given rights is the freedom of religion.

For the first time in U.S. history, we have a presidential administration that has chosen to use the words "freedom of worship" instead of "freedom of religion" -- a dangerous shift of phraseology.

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