EDUCATION IN THE ARCHDIOCESE | Catholic schools are communities of faith, knowledge and service

Kurt Nelson

One of my proudest moments as a Catholic school principal came when talking with a student who had been selected to be a lector at her Confirmation Mass.

She recounted that a nonCatholic friend (who attended a secular school) asked her, "You mean you have to get up in front of all those people and read out loud from the Bible? Aren't you scared?"

Her response, simply: "Why? I've been doing it since kindergarten!"

MAN OF THE HOUSE | Hearing the cry of the poor in unexpected moments

Mike Eisenbath

The 250th anniversary of St. Louis' founding didn't go unnoticed last year in the Eisenbath family. You know those birthday cakes scattered at notable spots throughout the area? My eldest daughter, Jessica, hatched the idea of visiting as many as possible and taking a picture of each encounter. The goal: all 250 cakes.

When youngest daughter Kara decided to pursue the same goal, the competitor awakened in each of them. "The game is on!" Jessica told Kara via Facebook.

GUEST COLUMNIST | In need of revival: God is the source, we are the breeding vessels

Father Arthur Cavitt

A few weeks ago, someone reminded me of the North City Deanery Revival in 2006, when I preached for three consecutive nights. Neither of us knew that years later, I would become pastor at the very site of that revival -- St. Nicholas Parish in downtown St. Louis.

FAITH AND CULTURE | This New Year, faith matters

F. Javier Orozco

In the Scriptures, much of our faith identity is connected to the opening lines of Genesis: "In the beginning...." This repetitive phrase or literary mantra not only serves to ground our truest self, but also signals something about our deepest aspirations: renewal. Our human spirit and imagination naturally seeking to start anew in our search for what really matters in life.

AN EDITOR'S LIFE | Like fishing, evangelization requires faith

Teak Phillips

Starting the new year in a river seemed like a good idea. Sure, the weather was windy and a bit cold -- the ice on a tree limb sticking in the water was proof enough -- but how can fishing be bad? Any day stalking trout is a good day.

TWENTY SOMETHING | An epic love story atop the family tree

It had an echo of Nicholas Sparks to it, but it was real life, and the story went viral: an Ohio couple married for 73 years died just 28 hours apart.

Reporters across the globe culled bits of Hollywood drama from the marriage, chronicling a young Joseph Auer surviving the horrors of D-Day and missing the birth of his second child. He and his wife, Helen, endured financial hardship as they raised 10 children.

When Helen passed away in their Cincinnati condo on a quiet Wednesday evening last October, 100-year-old Joe kissed his wife and whispered, "Mama, call me home."

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