CATHOLIC BY GRACE | Our faith is worth treasuring

Denise Bossert

My friend attended a class on life after a divorce. She is Catholic. She loves the faith and simply wants to heal and be whole for Christ and His Church. She lives in fidelity to the faith she has received.

Her counselor suggested that she attend a post-divorce class which was held in a non-denominational church in the area. My friend went once, and she didn't go back. On the night of the first class, she walked down the hall and read signs on the doors as she looked for her class. One sign read, "Decluttering Catholicism."

THE CATHOLIC DIFFERENCE | The amazing, and now Venerable, Father Al

George Weigel

At an inch or so over five feet and weighing somewhere near 100 pounds, Sister Winnie, a soft spoken Filipina, isn't your typical dinner speaker. Yet a few weeks ago she held a full room spellbound with her story -- which is also the story of Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz, a largely unknown American of whom the Church in the United States should be very proud.

BRIMMING WITH HOPE | Summer downtime is good for your brain

Kurt Nelson

"I'm bored!" How many times has that phrase been uttered at your house this summer? Parents and caregivers cringe at that complaint, but it might actually be more of an opportunity for your child than a problem.

MAN OF THE HOUSE | Praying for peace and love in an adversarial world

Mike Eisenbath

When I was a child, my parents never fought in front of me. But on those extremely rare nights when I heard their disagreements through my bedroom wall, I found myself overcome with fear that they were headed for a divorce. I couldn't sleep. I prayed a lot. My heart hurt.

As I got older, I grew uncomfortable with arguments, especially those involving antagonism and anger. I don't mind a genuinely healthy, constructive debate; I do find my mind shutting down and anxiety setting in as soon as any dispute sinks into name-calling and attacking.

FAITH AND CULTURE | Living our baptismal virtue

F. Javier Orozco

One of the greatest characteristics of our modern and contemporary culture is the abundance of opportunities we have to pursue -- any number of paths or interests.

For example, in the United States most have access to excellent schools, state-of-the-art medical and educational facilities and creative work environments. Options seem endless.

AN EDITOR'S LIFE | Letting amazing stories tell themselves

Teak Phillips

Last month, our staff was honored with awards by the Catholic Press Association for work we did in 2014.

Being recognized by peers always feels good. People who work hard and tell good stories deserve to be recognized. To know that the stories we told ranked among the best in the U.S. and Canada is humbling. But these aren't our stories. They're yours.

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