FROM THE EDITOR | Dispatches from chaos in 140 characters or less

Bishop Edward M. Rice prayed at the memorial site for Michael Brown, whose shooting by a police office sparked civil unrest, looting and rioting in Ferguson. With Bishop Rice were Sister Cathy Doherty, SSND; Jim Kemner, a parishioner at Our Lady of Guadalupe; and Msgr. Jack Schuler, director of mission integration of Catholic Charities of St. Louis.

Working for a weekly newspaper has its challenges, most have to do with time. One might assume that the pace at a weekly newspaper is 1/7th that of a daily, but it's just not the case. Some weeks feel more intense than they would at a daily, in part because we have a smaller staff.

But social media changes that. No real newspaper is just weekly or daily or whatever frequency any more. We're all instant.

Thank you, Twitter.

The chaos in Ferguson in the last couple of weeks has presented both great opportunities and challenges for a level field for all news media.

FAITH AND CULTURE | Walking in the threshold of trust and hope

Javier Orozco

It is hard to imagine that we are coming to the end of summer. Children are getting ready to return to school, family vacations have run their course and summer projects are slowly coming to a halt. The raw energy of free time will soon yield to the spirit of serenity, and the lush, verdant pastures soon will welcome the brown and reddish tones of a different season and time.

GUEST COLUMNIST | A city smolders: No choice but to keep investing

Father Art Cavitt

In the days since the fatal shooting by police of Michael Brown in Ferguson, images in the media have been riveting and heartbreaking. There have been confrontations with police, destruction and looting of stores. And then there are those glimpses of fire, the raging fire.

FAITHFUL FAN | Man of faith Kissel praised at Baseball Hall of Fame

Joseph Kenny

At the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., July 27, the speeches of two of the inductees paid homage to a longtime coach who also was known for his devotion to his Catholic faith.

Both Tony La Russa and Joe Torre singled out George Kissell for the influence he had on them.

TWENTY SOMETHING | Looking back on 'mystery priest' at car crash

Christina Capecchi

Katie Lentz had plucked the perfect dress for her Sunday surprise, and the yellow J. Crew frock was dangling in the back of her 1989 Mercedes, bouncing along the highway as the sun streamed in and oldies played on the radio.

The 19-year-old from Quincy, Ill., had just completed her summer internship in Jefferson City, Mo., and she had hatched a plan to surprise her friends there by making a final visit. She set off around 8 a.m. on Aug. 4 of last year, and began the two-hour drive so she could go to church one more time with the gang she had worshipped with every week that summer.

THE CATHOLIC DIFFERENCE | Ronald Reagan: Cold warrior and nuclear abolitionist

In recent years, as scholars have explored Ronald Reagan's foreign policy with greater access to primary-source documents, something utterly baffling to the conventional wisdom of his time (and ours) has come into focus: Reagan, determined to win the Cold War, also was eager to rid the world of nuclear weapons. And while many, in his time and ours, imagine those to have been incompatible goals, the 40th president of the United States was capable of holding both ideas at once and acting toward both ends.

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