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I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Our bodies, as temples of the Holy Spirit, radiate the presence of God

The readings for the 3rd Sunday of Lent make it clear that the word of God will remain, but everything not in accord with His word must pass away.

The first reading gives us the Ten Commandments, which are foundational for the Old Testament Covenant. They spell out the basic behavior God expects from those who choose Him as their God. They give life if followed and point the way to destruction if not followed.

The commandments describe behavior that makes us righteous in the eyes of God -- godly behavior flowing directly from God Himself.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Obedience to God's will leads to happiness, eternal life

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

The Gospel for the 2nd Week of Lent features the Transfiguration of Jesus on a mountain in Palestine. However, we can't really understand the Transfiguration unless we understand the significance of obedience, in the first reading and the Gospel.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Let Jesus invest His mercy and love in you

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

The word Lent comes from an Old Saxon word, "lencten," which means springtime. Its root also is related to the German word for long. Hence, in springtime, the days are getting longer, which means more sunlight for the growing season.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Allow Jesus to invest His mercy in us

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

Venerable Fulton Sheen once told the story of meeting a leper whose extremities had been eaten away by this horrible disease. Yet, the woman had a joyful and radiant smile. When he asked why she was so joyous, she exclaimed, "Because Jesus loves me so much! Besides, I will get them all back in the Resurrection!"

The first and third readings of the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time ostensibly are about leprosy. This disease gradually consumes the extremities and eventually leads to death. However, perhaps the most painful sufferings are the spiritual and emotional pains that go with it.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Spend some time in gratitude for the good Jesus has done for you

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

The readings for the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time clearly spell out that we're called to something beyond our present lives.

In the first reading, Job complains that life on earth seems so hard. He compares his life to that of a slave, filled with hard work and unrelenting misery. "So I have been assigned months of misery, and troubled nights have been allotted to me," he said.

I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW | Power of God’s word can give victory over sin

Bishop Robert J. Hermann

In the beginning, God said, "Let there be light," and there was light, thereby establishing His authority over the world.

In the readings for the 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time, He establishes His authority over the spiritual world.

The Lord tells Moses, "I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their kin, and will put my words into his mouth; he shall tell them all that I command him."

God created the world and now re-creates it.

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