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From time to time, the Saint Louis Review publishes special sections relating to different areas of Catholic living, including Education, Senior Living, Christian Hope, Liturgical seasons, and more. Click on one of the links above to browse the most recent articles from that special section. You can read the most recent special section stories below.

Important phone numbers for senior services

Better Business Bureau -- Helps resolve consumer complaints and offers information on complaints about businesses. Call (314) 645-3300.

Contact 2/Call for Action -- Volunteer organization sponsored by KTVI-TV (Channel 2) providing confidential referral and ombudsman services for consumers. Call (800) 782-2222.

Knights known for charitable work, evangelization

The Missouri Knights of Columbus invite Catholic men to become members of the world's largest lay Catholic fraternal service organization.

Founded in 1882 in New Haven, Conn., by Father Michael J. McGivney, the Knights of Columbus started as a way for Catholic men to join in solidarity in defending their country, families and faith. Part of Father McGivney's vision also called for a special life insurance program to provide for widows and orphans of deceased members.

Ignatian Volunteer Corps joins service, spirituality

Volunteers Bill Smith and Yukun Jia, a student at St. Louis University, checked the list of meal recipients in the Grand View Towers Apartments in Midtown St Louis while making a delivery in the fall of 2010. Smith is a member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps of St. Louis.

"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."

Service to others is an essential characteristic of Catholic life, and those who follow the Ignatian way dedicate their lives to being "men and women for others." In their efforts, many find the blessings returned in surprising ways.

Do your homework on charities, BBB says

For many donors, nothing tugs at the heartstrings -- and loosens the purse strings -- more than a picture of a child.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends that donors understand where their money is going before contributing to a children's charity. In too many cases, the lion's share of a charitable donation goes not to help the kids, but to pay the high cost of telephone and direct-mail fundraising.

Food service managers feed, get feedback

Theresa Coleman worked with Envela Kadic taking cookies off the sheet pans and reading plates for residents at Mary Queen and Mother Center.

Theresa Austin, food service manager, laughs when asked about some of the feedback she receives on the meals at Mother of Perpetual Help assisted living residence in Shrewsbury.

"They only remember your last meal," she said with a chuckle.

If one meal is not so popular -- she's toast, to use a food analogy.

"A lot of them will score it. I'll walk through the dining room and they give me thumbs up or thumbs down depending on what they like. They're pretty vocal about what they like or don't like," Austin said.

St. Louisan told remarkable story of Dr. Dooley

Lucille and Woody (Marvin) Selsor of St. Joseph Parish in Imperial, married 70 years, display a copy of the Congressional Gold Medal presented to Dr. Thomas Dooley’s mother in honor of the physician-humanitarian.

Lucille Selsor held up copies of Dr. Tom Dooley's books -- yellowed and frail from being stored for so many years.

Across the globe people were inspired by these books, Dooley's riveting talks and news and feature articles about the Catholic doctor from St. Louis who was known as "Dr. America" or "the Splendid American" in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, where he tended to refugees and the poor and founded hospitals and clinics.

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