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POPE'S MESSAGE | Imitate Jesus' humility, thank Him for it during Holy Week

Pope Francis carried woven palm fronds as he arrived in procession to celebrate Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican April 13.

VATICAN CITY -- Jesus' resurrection "isn't the happy ending of a beautiful fairytale, it isn't the happy ending of a film," but is the result of the loving intervention of God, who wanted to give humanity hope and salvation, Pope Francis said.

In the middle of Holy Week, Pope Francis encouraged people to pick up a crucifix, kiss it and recite the simple prayer, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord."

POPE'S MESSAGE | Take up God's offer to face life's problems with his love, wisdom

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth talked with Pope Francis during a meeting at the Vatican April 3. The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, made a one-day visit to meet with the pope and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.

VATICAN CITY -- People can choose either to tackle life's challenges with the loving and wise heart of God or be driven by their own passions and interests, Pope Francis said.

All people, whether they know it or not, have access to the gift of the Holy Spirit, "who teaches us to see with God's eyes, to feel with God's heart, to speak with God's words," helping people build a peaceful and loving home, church and world, he said.

POPE'S MESSAGE | Married couples called to be icons of God's love

Pope Francis left his general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican April 2. He concluded a series of talks about the sacraments with a discussion of the sacrament of marriage.

VATICAN CITY -- Through the sacrament of matrimony, couples are called to be living icons of God's love in the world, Pope Francis said, and when they fight -- and all couples do -- they don't have "to call the United Nations," but find simple words and gestures to say they are sorry.

Concluding a series of talks about the sacraments, Pope Francis used his general audience April 2 to focus on marriage, and he asked the estimated 45,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Square to pray for the world's families, especially for couples experiencing difficulty.

POPE'S MESSAGE | Bishops, priests need prayers, grace to be holy, loving

Pope Francis walked with children during a meeting with Malta’s President George Abela, left, during a private audience at the Vatican March 21.

VATICAN CITY -- The world's bishops, priests and deacons need people's prayers and encouragement to continually deepen their relationship with Jesus and serve their community with love, Pope Francis said.

A minister of God who does not nourish his love for Christ, His Church and His flock "inevitably ends up losing sight and an authentic sense of his service and the joy that comes from a deep communion with Jesus," he said.

POPE'S MESSAGE | Fathers, teach your children well, always be by their side

Pope Francis addressed parishioners during a visit to the parish of Santa Maria dell’Orazione on the outskirts of Rome March 16.

VATICAN CITY -- On the feast of St. Joseph, patron saint of the universal Church and Jesus' earthly father, Pope Francis urged all dads in the world to stick by their children's side, teaching them, guiding them and loving them.

"I ask that you have the grace to be very close to your children, letting them grow, but being by their side. They need you, your presence, to be there, your love!" the pope told fathers present in St. Peter's Square.

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