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Pope’s new book says no conflict in faith, science

Pope Benedict XVI has said that he sees no conflict between faith and science in the exploration of the universe's development.

Pope ordains 22 men, pleas for more vocations

Pope Benedict XVI made a plea for vocations worldwide as he ordained 22 new priests for the Diocese of Rome April 29.

Catholic Charities briefs Congress about poverty

Leaders of Catholic Charities USA were joined April 26 by two people who have received aid from their local Catholic Charities affiliates to ask Congress to cut poverty in half by the year 2020.

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Digital services set for World Youth Day

SYDNEY, Australia (CNS) — Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra, announced it will provide phone and digital communications services to the 300,000 extra people expected in Sydney for World Youth Day 2008.

Solomon Trujillo, an American businessman and Telstra Australia’s chief operating officer, told a conference of Catholic officials in Melbourne that his company had reached an agreement with World Youth Day coordinators to offer an array of "real-time" communications services to the event. Trujillo said the deal will enable organizers to "explore innovative ways to use technology to broadcast the event to young people around the world."

Philippine priest running for office

BETIS, Philippines (CNS) — A diocesan priest, Father Eddie Panlilio, said his campaign to become governor of Pampanga province is an act of desperation.

Corruption, illegal gambling and abuse of power have brought the government of his northern Philippine province to rock bottom, Father Panlilio, 53, told UCA News, an Asian Church news agency. He said the provincial government, based in San Fernando City, is in an "emergency state." He said the two major gubernatorial candidates in the coming elections are linked to all the problems and there was no alternative to them on the ballot. He requested and received a suspension from priestly duties to run for office.

Though Archbishop Paciano Aniceto of San Fernando did not openly support the priest’s candidacy, he told UCA News April 22 that Father Panlilio "is a very, very exemplary priest who has served the social action ministry with great dedication and love for the poor."

States may not follow city’s abortion law

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (CNS) — Though Mexico City legalized abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, most states in Mexico are unlikely to follow suit in the near future, said several political observers.

Rodolfo Chavez, University of Guadalajara law professor, said abortion laws are the exclusive jurisdiction of state governments. He predicted that none of the nine states with governments run by the National Action Party would move toward decriminalizing abortion. The conservative National Action Party historically has maintained amicable relations with the Catholic Church.

Bishop supports Ukranian president

KIEV, Ukraine (CNS) — The head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church has defended his decision to support President Viktor Yushchenko’s recent dismissal of parliament, which some argue has deepened a constitutional crisis.

"Our declaration didn’t back any party — it merely recalled that the Church has not forgotten people, nor has God," said Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Kiev-Halych, in an April 24 interview with Ukraine’s Fokus weekly.
"Matters have advanced so far that there’s now a need for urgent consultations with the nation," he said. "There appears to be no contact at all between the nation and its rulers."

Yushchenko issued a decree dissolving the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, April 2. He claimed political deadlock was preventing reforms agreed upon after Ukraine’s December 2004 Orange Revolution.

Yearbook say U.S. Christians increase

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Total membership in U.S. Christian churches continued to rise in 2005, despite ongoing declines in some of the country’s largest mainline Protestant churches, according to the 2007 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches.

Total recorded inclusive membership in 2005 was 165,878,323, up more than 2.4 million from the previous year, the yearbook said. The 439-page yearbook is an annual publication of the New York-based National Council of Churches.

Pope: Love, respect for life must guide path toward justice

Love for neighbor and respect for human life must lead to protection of the environment, promotion of social justice and greater access to education for all, Pope Benedict XVI said to an international gathering last week.

Study finds Hispanics drawn to charismatic churches

The Church familiar to and preferred by Hispanic Catholics in the United States is a livelier, more charismatic place than the one most American Catholics are used to, finds a new survey on Latinos and religion.

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