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Success in West County

Jan Falcon was at the center of a pivotal moment for the St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores.

Eight years ago, the society was operating just two locations — one at its old headquarters on Forest Park Avenue and a small shop in St. Charles. As the society began to look toward expanding on the thrift store program, it turned to parishes in the West County area in search of volunteers. When the store opened on Manchester Road in West County in 2010, it drew more than 145 volunteers from about eight parishes.

Thriving with thrift

Richard Vire is the trucks manager for the Society of St. Vincent De Paul thrift stores. He ran one of the trucks out of the Society's new stores in St. Ann where he made donation pick-ups with Devante Douthit.

As the trucks manager for the St. Vincent de Paul thrift stores, Richard Vire has seen some cool donations.

At the top of that list — a 125-year-old shotgun. Plus, plenty of old records and antique jewelry.

The worst? Well, let's say it involved bodily fluids and leave it at that.

"I dug my hand in that bag, and I've regretted it ever since," he said as he shook his head with a smile.

SteubySTL will draw teens closer to Christ

Jacob Pappas, middle left, and his youth group from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, enjoyed the rock out session that was led by worship leader Adam Bitter. Bitter played covers from the band Walk the Moon and solo artist George Ezra at the Stuebenville St. Louis Mid-America held at JQH Arena in Springfield, Mo.,in 2015.

Seventeen years ago, the Steubenville youth conference was humbly born in a gymnasium at Marquette High School in west St. Louis County. The first conference, which drew 987 participants, was less than six months after Pope John Paul II's pastoral visit to St. Louis.

The teens quickly outgrew the space. The following year, it moved to St. Louis University High School — but interest was spreading across the Midwest. In 2002, the conference found its home at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo., where it's been held every summer ever since.

SSM Health announces plans for replacement SLU Hospital

SSM Health has unveiled its plans for a new $550 million academic medical center in St. Louis to replace SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital.

The facility will be located north of the existing hospital's location on Grand Avenue and will better integrate the hospital with neighboring St. Louis University School of Medicine and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital.

Mass Mob at St. Matthew the Apostle

Bishop Edward M. Rice delivers the Homily during a Mass dedicating the new Shrine of St. Peter Claver at St. Matthew the Apostle Catholic Church in The Ville neighborhood of St. Louis in 2013.

On the walls at St. Matthew the Apostle Church are two large stained-glass windows depicting the birth of Christ and the birth of the Church at Pentecost.

The windows and what they represent are significant to Jesuit Father Patrick Quinn, who became pastor at St. Matthew's two-and-a-half years ago. "It sets up the role of the Church as being very important," he said. "It doesn't stay with the history, but moves us to the present."

Virtue-based discipline

The sixth graders entered the 2015-16 school year at Our Lady Queen of Peace School with their reputation preceding them.

Homeroom teacher Terry Ostlund described it as steeped in "conflict." Student Paige Vancil defined it as "drama." For math and science teacher Rebecca Nestor, their reputation was "negative."

Regardless of the word, the reputation had been firmly entrenched "since the primary grades," Ostlund said. "They've had a rough go."

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